Best Cam for 5.7 Hemi Challenger 2023 – Today’s Choices!

A camshaft makes your regular car more exciting with its multiple extraordinary features. Keeping in mind that after a few years a car loses its acceleration this was built.

Thus numerous camshafts are available in the market nowadays. We understand that choosing among so many products is exhausting. That is why the best cam for 5.7 hemi challenger 2023 is reviewed by us.

best cam for 5.7 hemi challenger

But you can assure the rest of us! As the handpicked products of ours are the top-listed ones from the market. Moreover, how to install it has been added to save your time.

Let’s not spend any more time gossiping about this or that. Check downwards the details-


What Do People Like About 5.7 Hemi Challenger Cam?

Camshafts add value to your engine and give your car greater power. This controls the internal combustion engine and many other additional advantages come with it. Let’s learn more-

  • Escalates horsepower: Camshafts when added to the engine helps to escalate the horsepower up to 10% or 30%. Thus your engine if runs slower than a modified cam can save their day.
  • Gas mileage: A better fuel efficiency is ensured through a camshaft. Thus you’ll get more energy in your car with less fuel discharge.
  • Great drive ability: Camshaft gives better horsepower and torque within a moderate rpm range. Thus the user enjoys the drive ability at a greater speed.
  • Proper flow of fuel: Camshaft takes care of the proper flow of fuel. By ensuring proper inflow and outflow of fuel along with exhausting gas accordingly
  • Multiple cylinders: One-time purchase of a camshaft can give you a lifetime backup. Because one camshaft can be used in multiple cylinders.

1. Karbay Engine Camshaft 5.7L Hydraulic Roller

karbay engine camshaft 5.7l

Presenting our first one on the list of best cam for 5.7 hemi challenger- Karbay Engine Camshaft. This product has the power to rule the market which is why we’ve placed it on our top pick. Want to know the reason behind it? Scroll down.

Well, this product has a moderate level to let air in and out. As it has intake .585’’ and exhaust valve lift is 1.7 rockers. Through this moderation in and out your engine will get more power.

With greater power insurance, what if your vehicle is not giving you a smooth ride? But nothing can go wrong with this product as it has a 2200-5400 RPM range.

As this one has a wider LSA of 112 degrees so it won’t allow you to have high overlap and your tuning will remain safe.

Lastly, if you’ve heavily modified engines it’ll help to gear your horsepower and torque more through its cam gear attachments of 3 bolts.

What We Liked
  • Increases power
  • Increases torque
  • Smooth ride guarantee
  • Horsepower escalates
What Need Improvement
  • Not for AFM/DOD
  • Might break if you’re not sensitive

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2. GELUOXI MDS Lifters Camshaft Gasket Set

geluoxi camshaft set

In our list, the runner-up in the MDS lifter camshaft heads gaskets kit replacement. The product is popular for its design. Let’s unveil its features.

Speaking of the design, the product has an MDS system which is a multi-displacement system. That keeps your fuel saved when the automobile is on the highway by keeping some cylinders off.

Apart from that, it has a VVTcamshaft.Through the VVT your torque will escalate up. Besides, it will stop harmful discharge from flowing away and keep the environment safe too.

Even more, this comes up with a Kit so you’ll get- MDS lifters set, head gasket kit, seals bolts kits, etc. All this increases your chances of drivability more.

What We Liked
  • VVT present
  • MDS lifters so better fuel efficiency
  • Head gasket available
  • Increases engine power
What Need Improvement
  • A bit noisy
  • The surface has some scratches

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3. Thumpr NSR Cam for ’09+ Dodge 5.7 HEMI

thumpr nsr cam for 5.7 hemi

Next up, we have the Thumpr NSR cam. If you’re looking for a cam for muscle cars and street roads then your hunting has come to an end.

The product comes with a broad torque curve and ensures horsepower gain which enables your car performance twice. Roll on with the Thumpr Nsr cam.

Other than that, the RPM range of it is in the mid-range and decreases up to 2500. Thus you’ll get a super smooth experience while riding.

Moving on, it has NSR so installation is super hassle-free. As no valve spring is required but a phaser limiter or lockout kit and DOD deletion are required.

What We Liked
  • SC and N/A present
  • Horsepower gain
  • Perfect for street roads
  • No more springs
What Need Improvement
  • Extra lockout kit required
  • Pricier than others

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4. MDS VVT Camshaft 53022372AA Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi

mds vvt camshaft 53022372aa

Sliding down on the list is the fourth one but from the same brand-Geluoxi. How can we not review another one from the Geluoxi brand as this brand focuses on quality?

One of the best parts of it is it’s super budget-friendly. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly one then you can go with it.

Beginning with the MDS which is a multi-displacement feature. This feature keeps your engine healthy and helps to gain power. Perfect for the dodge challenger vehicles!

Moving on, this one has VVT too. So your vehicle will have fuel economy and increase the vehicle’s performance too.

What We Liked
  • Helps to increase power
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Durability is higher
  • Budget-friendly
What Need Improvement
  • Not for muscle cars
  • Installation is a bit difficult

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5. Huthbrother Camshaft for 1997-2007 Chevy Engines

huthbrother camshaft

Moving on, after reviewing two products from the same brand, let’s explore a new brand which is Huthbrother. Till now we’ve reviewed the best one. How can you go wrong with this one?

Well, for LS series engine and Chevy vehicles Huthbrother can be their lucky charm. As within a moderate range, you can buy without cutting your pocket.

Moreover, you’ll get an rpm ranging from 2200-5400. When the rpm is lower you’ll get higher fuel efficiency. Other than that, riding can be super fun with it on.

Plus, at high rpm as it has an intake duration of @ .050″: 228° so from this longer duration your cylinder will be filled and exhaust to escape. Thus you get more power added.

Ending with the LSA, as it has a wider LSA of 112 degrees. Perhaps you’ll get less overlap and protected tuning.

What We Liked
  • Longer duration
  • Smooth riding
  • Greater power
  • Rpm range adequate
What Need Improvement
  • Pushrods needed
  • Converter is necessary

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6. Comp Cams 201-300-17 5.7L Hemi Cam

comp cams 201 300 17

We’ve already reviewed five products. What’s new? Well, our sixth product from Comp brand needs your attention.

Starting with the hassle-free installation which is ensured through its no springs requirement. Moreover, you’ll get a complete package of CK/MK kits to make your work easier.

You’ll get a camshaft, phaser limiter, pushrods, lifters, etc which is all in one package.

Moving one, If you’re looking for a cam for heavier vehicles then this one can remove your tension! This vehicle is perfect for it due to its mid-range torque with high power.

Moreover, the throttle response is very high in it. Thus your vehicle stability and acceleration power will be perfectly balanced through this camshaft. Plus, the product is created on the dyno.

What We Liked
  • CK/MK kit included
  • Great power
  • Mid-range torque
  • Throttle response is excellent
What Need Improvement
  • MDS technology is not available
  • No extra horsepower gain opportunity is available

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7. Comp Cams NSR HRT No Springs Required Stage 1 Cam

comp cams 201 300 17 nsr cam

Let’s not get confused but rather welcome another one from the comp cams brand. The product might seem similar to you but there lie some significant differences.

This product is excellent for any Hp stock piston hydraulic roller cam. As it keeps your airflow high. Another essential feature of it is it has till now the greatest RPM of 3000-7000.

With this on you’ll get trouble-free riding. Plus, it has valve springs that keep your vehicle bearings to the cylinder walls protected along with ensuring the correct proportion of compression.

Apart from all this, the installation process is fun and easier with the CK/MK kit. This kit includes all those necessary goods you’ll be needed while installing the product. Such as locks, seals, conical springs, etc.

What We Liked
  • Able to make most air
  • High power
  • High exhaust duration
  • MSE present
What Need Improvement
  • MDS delete necessary
  • Pricier than others

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8. YRANZo E-1840-P Camshaft

yranzo e 1840 p camshaft

The eighth one on our list is another budget-friendly one. If you’re looking for a hydraulic roller without spending much then you should put your hands on it.

What’s so eye-catching about this product? For LS-series engines this camshaft has an RPM range of 2200-5400. Get better fuel efficiency with effortless driving.

On the other hand, this one has a lobe separation of 112. Your engine will gain a greater torque balancing the rpm range. Plus, the sensor is present in the rear.

Besides the intake centerline, it has 108. So that you can alternate your engines together in a powerband. This will allow you to shift the rpm range upward and downward.

What We Liked
  • Budget-friendly
  • Moderate rpm range
  • Receives high torque
  • Helps the engine to gain power
What Need Improvement
  • Not for AFM engine
  • Tune needed

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9. Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI Cam for Dodge 5.7L

comp cams 112 501 11 xfi cam

We’ve already reached the end but back-to-back products from the same brand. Though they are from the same brand some factors of the products differ but all are excellent in features.

The camshaft has a duration of 216/220 so you’ll get a balanced torque within it. The most eye-catching of them is the valve lift. Yes! The valve lift of it is 0.528″/0.531″.

Thus, the requirement of a throttle valve is unnecessary as it triggers both power and fuel economy up to 10-15%. With a 950-6900 RPM range, you’ll get a high and low-range balanced power.

The other benefit of it is LSA 113. So with such a huge range of RPM and LSA, you’ll experience the smoothest drivability by keeping your engine healthy.

 Plus, no carburetor is required for it. Even for excess airflow signals, EFI is present to balance it.

What We Liked
  • 950-6900 rpm
  • No carburetor needed
  • Torque reaches peak
  • EFI present
What Need Improvement
  • No lifter
  • Tuner needed

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10. MDS Lifters 5.7 HEMI Camshaft Kit

mds lifters 5.7 hemi camshaft kit

Finally, we’re reviewing the last one on our list. Ending with another familiar brand which has been top-picked as it’s the best one you’ll find in the market.

At first, this one came with a head gasket. So say no to overheating or faulty engine running as this keeps the combustion gas and cylinders sealed thus no oil leakage occurs.

Other than that, the MDS lifters keep some cylinders off when at a greater speed in order to save fuel. Thus, you’ll get better fuel efficiency through it.

Apart from this, all segments of the camshaft are manufactured in a way to tackle the trickier situation. Thus, the durability of the product is ensured through it.

What We Liked
  • No overheating
  • No oil leakage
  • Greater speed
  • Better fuel efficiency
What Need Improvement
  • A bit noisy
  • Lifters are vulnerable

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How To Change Cam In 5.7 Hemi?

Though installation of a camshaft requires many steps and tools, believe us you can completely do it at your home. Just some basic tools and you’re ready to go.

How to install a camshaft? Begin with preparing your tools and cleaning, then take out extra parts, after that coat very nicely, set the lifters accordingly and lastly rearrange by repeating previous steps.

Let’s learn step by step installation process together-

Step 1- Preparing Tools and Cleaning:

Before starting to change a cam it is important to get prepared with some basic tools like a screwdriver, oils, cleanser, some torn clothes, etc.

Then clean the segmented parts with the cleanser and cloth to keep them dirt and dust-free. Keep the parts in a different place for drying up.

Step 2- Taking Out Parts:

After preparing and cleaning outdoor tools now it’s time to dig deeper by taking out some parts to change the camshaft.

Begin with opening the windshield wiper, disconnect the battery, remove the cowl, air intake, intake manifold, draining the coolant, mid-pipes, cylinder etc.

Step 3- Coat the Cam:

As you are already done with cleaning now you should coat the cam and bearings with oil. Any oil will do the work.

But the whole process needs to be done with very patience as you might damage the surface of the bearings.

Step 4- Set the Lifters:

A pro-tip for you is to never reuse a lifter. Go for a portable lifter so that you can organize it smoothly.

Before installing the lifter, coat it with oil too. Then install the pushrods through cylinder heads.

Step 5- Repeating the Previous Process:

Lastly, after installation of the segments now repeat the process of situating the other parts into their place through gasket and seal. In the timing chain, a front seal installation is necessary.

Now after setting all parts look for if any part is untightened. Then start the engine but before that changing oil is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gas mileage does a 5.7 Hemi get?

With a 5.7 Hemi and a V8 engine the gas mileage one can get is about 15 mpg city or 22 mpg highway. If fuel efficiency is 4X4 you’ll get 15 mpg city/21 mpg highway.

How fast can a 5.7 Challenger go?

Well with a 5.7 challenger you can go very fast. For about 155 mph speakest you can go with it on.

Does a bigger cam give more power?

A bigger cam that can give more power is partially true. A bigger cam can make more horsepower but that too within a certain degree.

What does putting a bigger cam do?

A bigger cam will unbolt the intake valve broader. This will increase more fuel and air allowance into the cylinder. That means larger cam, larger fuel intake.

How long does a 5.7 Hemi challenger last?

For approximately 15 years or 200,000 miles, a 5.7 Hemi challenger is long-lasted. For more lasting proper maintenance is needed.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s been it. We’ve finally reviewed the 10 best best cam for 5.7 hemi challengers for you. Hope this article was crystal clear for you!

Camshafts are like a savior to vehicles. Choosing the perfect one can increase your vehicle’s performance and durability ten times better.