About Mechanicwarrior.Com, Erik Stenquist and Brett Ewing!

The whole team of developers, innovative designers, editors, and Mechanicwarrior.com professionals all have the same and unique aim. The entire team is more than just passionate about mechanical and automotive stuff. And the thing we are most interested in is to help you buddy with those hacks and methods.

Yes, we assure you, these works are more superficial and can be quickly done at home. But what you need is correct knowledge with a practical endeavor.

And for this, we exist. We will solve all your complex problems of mechanics here.

What Influenced Us To Work Here?

Though we all have come from different worlds, one string joined us all together. And that is our irresistible urge for DIY works highly related to automotive. Through this mission, we want to explore our passion and assist you in your regular jobs.

How Do We Create Our Content For You?

Our top-most priority is to help every beginner to become a pro in the mechanical world. We aspire to create world-class content that offers the best advice and step-by-step guidelines to make your journey more of a pleasing adventure than a tiring one.

Our whole team and experts worked days and nights endlessly to prepare content to ensure that you don’t miss any of it. We are experienced, and we think it’s our responsibility to share this with you guys.

And only you can only make our content branded by recommending it to your friends. Who knows, maybe your one share can change his whole life.

Meet The Authors:

Author 01- Erik Stenquist:

Hi!! Its Erik Stenquist. By profession, I am a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from University of California, Berkeley (UCB).

Apart from an experience of 3+ years in mechanical works, I have been extremely fond of these. But in the whole journey of my career, I have learned a lot, and I’m still learning. This brings me to share my knowledge and day-to-day projects with you guys. Hopefully, this will benefit all of us.

Author 02- Brett Ewing:

Hey there! I am Brett Ewing. From a very early age, I was obsessed with automotive works.

It was my father who intrigued me to pursue this further as a career at California Institute of Technology (Caltech). And my other hobby is cars.

I am crazy about them and their parts. And I am here to help you to take a ride into the mechanical world. Any such work you find challenging, I’ll answer those.

Next Up

We are still working on this platform to build it from scratch. But, we have upcoming plans too. We will soon be launching more social media channels so that you can easily reach us.

Till then, have an excellent mechanical freaky day.