Best Cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram 2022 – Today’s Top Camshafts!

It’s frustrating!

When your vehicle lacks power or accelerates poorly or turns off. That’s when the renewal of a new camshaft becomes your guardian angel. Hence you install a new one.

How easy would’ve been to just buy and install the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram? But reality hits hard while you start to dive among those camshaft boxes.

best cam for 5.7 hemi ram

However, be it either the head or tail of a coin. You have won the search game. This article will not only guide you but also save your time too.

We’ve researched for two weeks to showcase to you the best cams for 5.7 hemi ram with excellent features.

Do you get a scoop of time to spend? Let’s read out then-


What Do People Like About Camshaft?

Who balances the internal combustion engine intake and exhaust of gas in perfect timing? Camshaft does it. It is a mechanical device applied to an IC engine and balances the valve. Well, it ensures more advantages too.

  • Increase horsepower: After some years we all want more power in the engine and the camshaft becomes our backup that time. With a camshaft on it adds around 10-20 horsepower. Even around 50-100 horsepower gain is possible if slight modifications are done with camshafts on.
  • Increase of timing: Camshafts besides horsepower increase timing too. Through increasing timing, your engine will get the spark past the ignition to detain and let it run at higher power.
  • Better fuel efficiency:– Camshafts enable better fuel efficiency as it increases the duration of the valve openings. And all fuels get a proper burning duration as combustion takes time.
  • Balance the flow of gas: Through camshaft, the proper inflow and outflow of fuel is done and exhaust the gas accordingly too
  • Smooth riding: Camshaft increases horsepower, torque and lets your engine have smooth riding even at the highest speed.

1. MDS VVT Lifters Camshaft Kit – Best Cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram 1500

best cam for 5.7 hemi ram 1500

Initially, let’s inaugurate with the best product on our list- MDS VVT Lifters Camshaft. What’s so unique about it that we’ve given the coronet of the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram 1500?

Let’s start with the product’s design. The name of it has mentioned that it is much more unique than you could expect because it has an innovative MDS system.

The MDS system stands for the multi-displacement system, and it aims to shut down specific cylinders when the automobile is on the highway to save fuel.

Moreover, the product has a Kit that includes- MDS Lifters, Camshaft, Timing Chain Kit, Head Gasket Kit, Water Pump, Oil Pump. Solely, this kit ensures your drivability twice by itself.

Apart from this, all sections of the camshaft were designed to endure even the harshest conditions, allowing it to last far longer to the customer’s advantage.

In the end, the consumer can expect a safer and more comfortable ride because the parts are manufactured to meet or surpass OEM specifications.

What We Liked
  • Require less time to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Provide OEM facilities
  • MDS system is available
What Need Improvement
  • They cannot hold oil for a long period
  • Sometimes you’ll hear noises coming from the engine

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2. MDS VVT 53022372AA Camshaft – Best Camshaft for 5.7 Hemi

best camshaft for 5.7 hemi

Sliding down the list, we have one more product from the same brand. Yet, we’ve kept it a bit lower than the best one. Let’s explore what it’s lagging behind.

However, it’s still the best camshaft for 5.7 hemi. For Dodge Challenger vehicles picking up, the Geluoxi 53022372AA can be a game-changer for you.

But why are we calling it a game-changer?

One of the splendid features of this Camshaft is the Multi displacement feature. Due to it, the engine remains intact from any pressure. Plus lets the engine provide greater power.

Hold on! That’s not the end. VVT technology ensures that the torque and output increase, and supports deducting the NOx and hydrocarbon discharge.

Apart from this, after thorough experiments, the moderate design of this product has the power to enhance the performance of the vehicle too.

What We Liked
  • Better fuel efficiency so fuel saved
  • Great horsepower and torque
  • The longevity of the engine is twice that of others
  • Budget-friendly
What Need Improvement
  • Closeness can be a matter
  • The fitting can be slightly loose, so check before installation

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3. Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Roller Cam – Best Comp Roller Cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram

best comp roller cam for 5.7 hemi ram

On number three, we have a roller cam for you. The Comp Cam’s hydraulic roller ensures that with it on your car runs as flat as a pancake.

Beginning with, comp cams have a powerful operating range of 950-6900 RPM. Plus, the comp cam roller is known as the best comp roller cam.

The moderate balance of power makes it the best one. Why so? With a moderate 0.50 inch tappet and a duration of 216/220, it gives you moderate end torque.

Moreover, if a camshaft comes within an affordability range what’s wrong with that? Comp brand has used hydraulic valve lifters which ensures great lifting with weighty loads at a cheaper cost.

On the other hand, the wide LSA 113 of it ensures that you get smooth drivability overall. Plus, it keeps the cylinder pressure and temperature moderate too.

Lastly, it is hassle-free as no carburetor is needed. Due to being tuned with an EFI application that takes care of the extra airflow signal.

What We Liked
  • Moderate features enhance the performance
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Rpm range 950-6900
  • Hydraulic roller lifter doesn’t wear out
What Need Improvement
  • No assembly or lifter comes with it
  • Might need to buy a tuner for low inert stalling

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4. Comp Cams 201-300-17 NSR HRT – Best Value Cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram

best value cam for 5.7 hemi ram

Next up, the fourth in our list is from Comp brand too. But listed slightly downwards than the other ones. Why so?

It appears to us that this one has some key dissimilarities from the previous one. But be fret-free, as this one is still the best value cam one for you.

Let’s begin with the manufacturing. Within a great mid-range torque and greater power suits the best for weighty vehicles. Plus for it, no springs are needed too.

Other than that, this product has evolved and can move the most air along with greater power.

Moreover, after trials and errors now this product is dyno proven. So with it, you’ll not only get greater horsepower but also huge gains.

Lastly, it has CK/MK kits. Ck -kits which single handedly include the phaser limiter, push rods, springs, steel escorting, seats, etc. Where Mk-kits include powerful lifters.

What We Liked
  • No strings are required
  • Dyno-proven
  • Ck/Mk kits are available
  • Perfect for heavier vehicles
What Need Improvement
  • VVT Technology is not present
  • The hydraulic lifter is not present which makes it a bit pricier than the previous one

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5. COMP Cams 201-428-17 XFI 226/234 Hydraulic Roller – Best 5.7 Hemi Camshaft

best 5.7 hemi camshaft

We’re already amid our lift. Until now, we’ve recommended the top-ranked one for you! Perhaps, there is no chance you get deceived now. You’ll see it by yourself.

With 1900-6500 rpm it lets you pitch in to gain maximum speed. Affects the torque to be greater too. Thus, the performance of your car enhances which makes it the best 5.7 Hemi camshaft.

Moreover, let’s talk about its durability. Be it either monsoon or rainy season you’re good to go with it. As it is very resilient and strong.

Additionally, unlike the other comp cam version, it has VVT. Why not purchase something which ensures your full power with excellent drivability?

In the end, with a 116 LSA on it works great with the aftermarket cylinder heads. And for EFI applied vehicles ensure a gigantic increase in performance.

What We Liked
  • 226/234 Duration with a 0.50-inch tappet
  • VVT technology is present
  • Very strong in durability
  • Has wider LSA which increases vacuum supply and powerband
What Need Improvement
  • Displacement is required
  • Rigid, not flexible

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6. COMP Cams 201-426-17 XFI 222/230 Hydraulic Roller – Best Hydraulic Camshaft

best hydraulic camshaft

Sliding down to the list we’ve COMP Cams hydraulic roller. Amongst all other camshafts we’ve evaluated, this one is known as the best hydraulic camshaft. But why so?

Well, mostly all OEM hydraulic roller camshafts are restricted around 6200 rpm but this one ensures a wide range of rpm 2,100-7100.

Due to being hydraulic press, it deducts the pressure on the engine, which increases the durability of the engine. As it’s built of billet steel, it’s strong enough to operate 5.7 L and 6.4L engines.

Moreover, it has Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology to maximize power and operation. So, with this on you can have fun around for any mild street performance.

You must be wondering as it’s perfect for street performance, how’s the power? Well, with high rpm it has an advertised intake of 270 and exhaust duration of 283. Combining these two doubles the power.

In the end, the lobe separation of this product is 115 which makes it ideal for street performance. Another best thing is it has 119 intake center lines which also helps to gain some power.

What We Liked
  • Rpm range is 2100-7100
  • LSA at 115 degree
  • Greater power due to higher rpm and intake centerlines
  • VVT technology is being used
What Need Improvement
  • No assembly lubricant included
  • Tuning might not change in the continuation

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7. COMP Cams 201-424-17 XFI 218/226 Hydraulic Roller – Best 5.7 Hemi Camshaft for the Money

best 5.7 hemi camshaft for the money

The seventh one in our shortlisted list is from the Comp Cams brand. Up to now, we’ve recommended camshafts which are full of exceptional features. Well, this one is not exceptional either. Check it for yourself.

Beforehand, it has great drivability with 1900-6500 RPM which enhances the performance of a car. However, within such an affordable range and smooth function this product is the best 5.7 Hemi camshaft for the money.

Apart from this, it’s tuned for EFI application use. No extra airflow signal is required to elapse by the carburetor. Plus, extensive lsa boosts the vacuum construction and gives an extensive powerband.

Plus, for EFI-issued vehicles, this does wonders by developing the performance percentage. Besides EFI issues vehicles it works great for aftermarket cylinder heads too.

Lastly, the product has about 218/226 duration at about 050″. With high engine speed, this longer duration increases your car’s power. Budget-friendly product with superior horsepower and torque.

What We Liked
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rpm operating range 1900-6500
  • No extra airflow as EFI application is tuned
  • The degree lobe separation angle is 114
What Need Improvement
  • Some parts are misplaced
  • Complicated installation

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8. Comp Cams Thumpr NSR Cam for Dodge Non-VVT – Best 5.7 Hemi Camshaft for Muscle Car

best 5.7 hemi camshaft for muscle car

If you’re looking for a camshaft for muscle cars and street roads, then this best 5.7 Hemi camshaft for Muscle cars can be the one you need. Look at yourself.

Moving on, the product ensures great Thumpr sound for your Hemi by the manageable camshaft swap and tune. But besides idle sound, how is it in performance?

Well, the manufacture of the camshaft is incredibly designed with an operating range of 1600-6200 Rpm. Thus the broad torque curve of your 5.7 Hemi camshaft will boost up to twice due to it.

On the other hand, the billet steel core is material for enlarged power. Moreover, for strong hitting exhaust note erect overlap gained by quick intake opening and prolonged exhaust duration.

Additionally, it consumes zero energy and time in installation due to the mechanism of NSR (No springs required lobe design).

What We Liked
  • Great horsepower is perfect for muscle cars and street roads.
  • No springs required lobe design
  • With slight change and tune gets great Thumpr sound
  • Perfect for supercharged utilization
What Need Improvement
  • Non-VVT technology
  • Not perfect for all vehicle types

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9. MDS Lifters Camshaft Head Gaskets 300 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Best 5.7 Hemi Camshaft for Dodge Charger

best 5.7 hemi camshaft for dodge charger

Roaming around products from the Geluoxi brand can be the cookie for you! Why so?

Well, what’s here to not look for? The multi-displacement VVT feature helps to grab higher power and fuel economy by distributing the pressure aside which protects the cam.

Moreover, the MDS technology is present here. Keeps your car safe by deducting emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. And ensure that the noise level of the vehicle decreases to an extent.

Hold on, that’s not the end. Even if you’re riding on a rough road. The new technology ensures that the disabled cylinders when needed slow down towards action impulsively.

Plus, it comes with a gasket kit which ensures greater efficiency. MDS lifters design makes sure that you get the best 5.7 Hemi camshaft for Dodge charger.

Lastly, VVT includes expanded torque with a higher fuel economy. And the technology makes it easily adaptable for the persisting engine designs.

What We Liked
  • MDS technology is used.
  • Comparatively durable as automatically it slows down when needed.
  • Effective fuel consumption
  • Increased horsepower and torque provides excellent performance
What Need Improvement
  • A bit noisier than others
  • Head bolts might break off if not installed carefully

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10. Thumpr NSR Cam for ’09+ Dodge – Best Performance Cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram

best performance cam for 5.7 hemi ram

The best one in performance of our list is yet to explore. Yes! We’ve kept it in the last position of our list but that doesn’t mean that it’s less in quality.

Well, you must be wondering why it is considered as the best one in performance?

To begin with, a balance in mid to upper RPM and a slight loss under 2500 RPM can enhance the performance of your vehicle higher.

The product ensures greater power by ensuring a modern Dodge HEMI engine instead of the old one. Thus having a lopey idle is possible without sacrificing the low RPM torque which is needed for HEMIs.

Other than this, installation is quite easy. As it has NSR so no requirement for a valve spring. But it’s recommended to use ECU tune and DOD deletion.

Lastly, it ensures that you get top-notch sound quality effortlessly with a simple cm, limiter, and tune. Plus it requires a phaser limiter or lockout kit.

What We Liked
  • Great sound quality
  • Forget the springs requirement
  • Delivers excellent horsepower with a small loss of RPM
  • Consider as road worthiness
What Need Improvement
  • A bit expensive than others
  • Phaser limiter necessary

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How To Install A Camshaft?

The installation of the camshaft usually requires some time. As it includes a lot of cleaning with removing the old camshafts and again reinstalling the new one. Thus you might need a screwdriver, oils, solvent, and washcloth too.

How do you install a camshaft? Initially clean the new parts, apply lubricant, align the timing chain, install the lifters and lastly reinstall the rest and you’re done.

Let’s learn step by step installation process together-

Step 1- Clean New Parts:

Simply wash the parts with a liquid so that while transportation the grease and dirt which were formed gets washed away. Dry those parts with a clean cloth.

One thing to be noted does not soak the hydraulic lifters. Also, keep notes of the parts while installing so that there creates no confusion.

Step 2- Applying The Lubricant:

After a good cleaning, it’s time to apply the lubricant. The whole cam with its bearings should be fully coated with any oil. Also the new part too.

Be very careful otherwise, you might scratch the cam bearings.

Step 3- Align The Timing Chain:

After lubricating, align the timing to TDC( top dead center). For it follows the designed pre-given dots. By rotating the gear, align them in the same direction.

Whereas it varies for top timing gear the dots should be in the 6 o’clock direction. And the downward timing gear should be towards the 12’ clock direction. Besides, according to needed specifications, organize the torque.

Step 4- Install The Lifters:

Firstly, never use used lifters. Then check the lifters as if it’s freely movable while assembling it otherwise the whole process would be disastrous.

Alike, the new parts lubricate the lifters. Lastly, install the pushrods by cylinder heads and rocker arms by putting the pushrods as opposed to the rocker arms.

Step 5- Reconstitute The Rest:

We’re already in the last step. After inserting the new part, reinstall the components into a reverse method through gasket and seal. Install a new front seal too in the timing chain.

Check if there are any loose screw connections and tighten all bolts. Before starting the engine, make sure the oil is changed and the coolant should be full.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the camshaft do?

The camshaft is like an apparatus that regulates the unlatching and closing of the intake and exhaust valves while engine stroking. Installing camshafts can increase horsepower which lets the vehicle accelerate faster.

How much horsepower do camshafts add?

Around 10-20 horsepower. But to increase the performance of the camshaft more some additional changes can ride up the level more. Like changing the air intake, injectors, valve heads, etc.

How to check the camshaft position sensor?

To check the camshaft position sensor, tap into any meter probes with any sensor and the other one to another wire. Look for the meter display and compare the swinging signal. If it doesn’t show any signal you might check it up.

Can you clean a camshaft position sensor?

Surely you can. Spray some cleaner and wipe it down with a cloth. Make sure after cleaning you’re tightening the screws properly.

How long does it take to install a camshaft?

Around half of a day needed to install a camshaft. The majority of time went by during the extraction of the engine and set it back again.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we’re at the endpoint of our discussion. Cheers to you as you’ve completed an informative article! On the best cam for 5.7 hemi ram. And explored the ten best ones in the market.

Out of those ten, anyone can be your game changer. As each of them focuses on getting a marvelous riding experience at a greater speed.

Well, at this point we believe that there does not lie any confusion. Even if there are. the pros and cons with every product, it would’ve sorted that too.

What are you waiting for then? Good Luck!