Best Carbon Cleaner for Intake Valves 2022 – Today’s Choices!

Carbon is a repercussion towards a reaction of ignition. It’s quite impossible to fight shy with it! But how to protect your engine from it? Carbon cleaners are the answer!

Well, you’re not unaware of it, that’s true. A simple cleaning of carbon is comparatively easier. But it gets hectic when it involves cleaning an intake valve. Yet, you can pat yourself on the back as you’ve reached the perfect spot, we are here as your rescuer.

best carbon cleaner for intake valves

We know that it feels almost back-breaking to find out the best one for your vehicle. That is why we’ve reviewed around 276 products and handpicked the ten best carbon cleaner for intake valves.

You don’t believe us? But you will surely trust our choice after giving a go through of this article. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s revive-


What Do People Like About Carbon Cleaner for Intake Valves?

How to keep your intake valve health durable to the max? By giving it proper cleaning and freeing it from the huge gunk of carbon. Besides ensuring durability the carbon cleaning has multiple more advantages. Let’s look at that too.

  • Carbon deposits: Carbon cleaners ensure that the carbon deposits get well cleaned. There will be no more misfiring, bumpy starting, or decreasing fuel economy after cleaning it.
  • Enhances performance: If you think buying new parts can increase the performance of your car, then you’re wrong. Giving a carbon cleaning ensures mileage improvement and resets the fuel consumption to normality.
  • Durability: As it cleans the passage so no misfiring or rough running. Thus the regular cleaning increases the durability of the engine twice in comparison.
  • Put-back MPG: The fuel efficiency of a car increases and goes back to the same position where your MPG was when you first bought it.
  • Decreases harmful emissions: Regular servicing and cleaning of engines deducts the level of releasing of harmful emissions. Besides other parts even the intake valves needed to be cleaned which controls the air pollutant emissions.

1. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Cleaner

chevron techron cleaner

Hands down to the first best carbon cleaner for intake valves on our list -Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus. What makes us bound to put in the first category? Let’s find it out-

Firstly, this product has techron technology on it. With it one you get the most out of your engine. As it increases the performance capability ensuring lower emissions with a greater fuel economy.

By having a carbon cleaner it is expected that it’ll clean the junk. But what’s an added benefit you get in this product?

Other than cleaning, it acts as a shield for the whole fuel system. From fuel injectors to curators, combustion chambers, etc Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus takes care of.

Well, while driving if acceleration lowers down it gets troublesome to have a smooth ride. And the best part is that you’ll be capable enough to restore it through this product.

However, how can it be possible? Well, the restored method ensures that the engine gains the lost power, restores acceleration, fuel economy, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the performance. With this product on even if it’s shivering in cold, you’ll be able to start the engine. Besides that, the fuel firmness is seen with it.

Well, you must be wondering what ensures the product’s such great performance? Besides other features, it deducts any rough idle, the rush of engine, and fouling of spark plug.

In the end, following some basic guidelines never goes out of trend. Thus it’s recommended by experts that for every 3000 liters we use 20.oz bottle.

What We Liked
  • Cold weather cannot be the obstacle with this on
  • Enhances the power of the engine’s mileage
  • Deducts the unwanted and increases durability
  • Quantity of 20. oz bottle in every 3000 lifters
What Need Improvement
  • A bit of engine residue can impact the condition of the cleaner
  • Not perfect for high-end carbon cleaner configurations

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2. ATP AT-100 Intake Blast Complete Intake System Cleaner

atp at 100

Second up, let’s put in place the runner-up of our list – ATP AT-100 Intake Blast. If you’re someone who has been searching for a cleaner it’s obvious that you’ve heard about ATP automotive brand.

As the quality of this brand has been maintained since the initial days. So does this product.

Well, what’s so particular regarding this one? To remain competitive with other products on its latest technology has been used. Plus, the aerosol charged solution ensures maximum concentrated cleaning solvent.

Other than that, it cleans the ports and valves of the intake system too. Moreover, over time the carbon and oil deposits are cleaned through it too.

It’s highly suggested for traditional fuel injected engines above 75,000 miles. But on every 25000 miles repeatedly services should be taken.

Plus, the composition is free of smoke, does catalytic converter and O2 sensor safe while implying eliminated deposits.

And the best part of it is that as it has a self-contained kit thus automatically it removes the necessity for extra hoses. Along with it proposes an aerosol solution with the solvent.

What We Liked
  • Able to restore the power of your vehicle
  • Car idling gets better with it
  • Requires less than 10 minutes
  • Improves acceleration and power
What Need Improvement
  • The spray quality is a bit poor than expected
  • Extremely flammable so be conscious.

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3. Sea Foam SS14 Cleaner and Lube

sea foam ss14

Peeking for a product where fuel cleaners can’t reach? Well, you’re at the perfect place. As our 3rd one will fulfill your demand with many more exciting features.

Let’s glide to the features then-

Beginning with, as we’ve mentioned, it’s best for even where fuel cleaners can’t reach. As the manufacturing makes it great for cleaning of modern GDI engines. Plus lubricates the censorious upper areas of the engine.

Now let’s talk about its function for upper engine storage. Keeps the chamber parts safe by not drying them out and erosion.

Besides protecting the upper area it takes care of intake, pistons by cleaning it and cylinder areas during storage.

Unlike the other two we’ve discussed beforehand, this product is used to store and it’s great for fog 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.

Lastly, the only oxygen sensor safe comes from the brand Seafoam.

What We Liked
  • Cleans intake valves with other chambers sediment
  • Perfect for areas where fuel cleaners can’t reach
  • Application is easy with a tube and hooks guide tool
  • Free from dry out and corrosion by it
What Need Improvement
  • Not good for map sensors
  • The straw of it can be an issue

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4. Liqui Moly (2001-12PK) Valve Clean

liqui moly valve clean

Welcome our fourth one from the brand Liqui Moly. Even though we’ve put it a slight downwards, the exciting capabilities of it can still beat the rest.

Moving forward with it, like other cleansers it cleans so well that the engine performance gets higher. But what’s different with it?

Besides making the performance better it ensures that the fuel consumption decreases to the second rate.

Along with it, it acts as a guardian for the engine. As it protects the engine from any kind of erosion and carburetor icing. Using it will deduct tingling, knocking, delaying, and dieseling.

What We Liked
  • Delays carbon sediments while reprocessing.
  • Quantity is more than you expected
  • Fuel consumption decreases
  • Protects the engine from corrosion
What Need Improvement
  • A bit overpriced than others
  • Might not work great for intake valves

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5. DURA LUBE HL-40199-06 Severe Fuel System Cleaner

dura lube hl 40199 06

Kudos to you! As you’ve already reached the mid product of our list. A completely different brand from the above-discussed one. Let’s learn about it.

What’s spectacular about this one?

Dura lube is efficient enough to clean the complete fuel delivery system. Not only intake manifolds but also fuel injectors, carburetors, valves, etc on the list.

Plus, like other cleansers, it ensures cleaning which increases the fuel mileage. As it not only cleans the sections but also removes the valve stem gum.

Be it either GM or GMC it’s secured enough for all vehicles to use. Compatible with all categories of gasoline fuel.

But, it’s mandatory to keep in mind that it’s not the best option for diesel engines. However, being able to restore the injector flow.

In the end, cleaning and being a protector enhances the accelerating power, decreases engine delaying, knocks, and cures decrease of fuel economy.

What We Liked
  • Cleans the entire fuel delivery system
  • Increases acceleration with curing fuel economy decreasing
  • Cures your engine from misfiring
  • Delays the carbon pile up
What Need Improvement
  • Might not work for sealed transmission
  • A bit greasy in comparison

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6. STP Pro-Series Car Intake Valve Cleaner

stp fuel system cleaner

With a trust stp pro-series intake valve cleaner, the sixth one has many features for you. Well, this ensures in-depth grade cleaning with the engine. Thus, there are more varieties other than this.

Besides, the intake valve cleaner has a design of a new modern GDI engine design that enables it to spray fuel straight. So, your engine gets higher power with an increment of gas mileage.

Moreover, it acts as a powerful detergent and disintegrates dangerous carbon deposits. Unlike any other cleansers, it allows you support to avoid costly engine tear down.

Lastly, a mid-range budget ensures your engine’s auto health. As it reduces the rough idle of your engine.

What We Liked
  • Helps to increase mileage
  • Increases the durability of the engine
  • Protects the engine by dissolving dangerous carbon deposits
  • Develops an auto health
What Need Improvement
  • The manufacturing is not up to the mark
  • Comparatively less improvement in mileage

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7. CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner

crc gid ivd intake valve cleaner

Sliding down to the list we’ve CRC GDI IVD intake valve. Amid others cleaners, in the market, we’ve handpicked the top ones. That you’ve already seen. Unlock yourself.

Well, this cleaner is tested well so that both the GDI engines and turbo systems intake valves are well cleaned.

What’s so special about it?

Elevated concentration PEA (polythene amine) detergency is present in it. Moreover, it’s powerful enough to take away 46% of GDI intake valve deposits within 1 hour.

Plus, with an easy removable it’s even able to be installed by air intake system.

Lastly, unlike the other fuel additives, this product has 150X additional concentration.

What We Liked
  • Works great for both GDI engines and turbo systems
  • Easily installed
  • Powerful enough to remove 46% of valves within an hour
  • Greater concentration PEA detergency available
What Need Improvement
  • Applicator not present
  • No aerosol push-button on the valve is present

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8. Gumout 800002241 Small Engine Carb

gumout 800002241

The eighth one on our finalist list is from the Gumout brand. We’ve already come to the end of our list but let’s not judge it according to the position. Check it for yourself.

Why do we need a cleaner? Obviously to clean. but what if it takes a long hour to remove one stain?

Well, if you’re someone who believes in time management you can surely go with this one. As it cleans in a second both the inside and outside of the carburetor.

Even if your metal parts are neutral it’ll work smoothly. Also dries very quickly. So, you’ll not wander with it.

Besides cleaning carburetors, the Gumout brand has ensured that there should be no gums, varnish, or clogged grime inside engines.

Not only this ensures durability but also improves the engine’s overall performance with a better fuel economy.

Lastly, ensure that your engine bridles from bumpy starting, rough idling, or stalling. Helps to decrease exhaust emission.

What We Liked
  • Quickly cleans stain
  • Works effectively even with unpainted metal parts
  • Dries very fastly than others
  • Decreases the bumpy starting nature of the engine
What Need Improvement
  • Nozzles of it are not up to the mark
  • Be careful while cleaning the hoses, as it might damage it

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9. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

sea foam sf 16

Till now we’ve showcased all products within a mid-range of budget. But if your budget is under 10 dollars that doesn’t refer you can’t have any. As a seafoam brand has taken care of it by manufacturing the most budget-friendly one.

Don’t let the budget fool you with its potentiality. As it ensures cleaning of harmful leftovers which was hampering the performance of engine and oil flow. This one is a 100% petroleum product.

Plus, the application is super easy. Simply pour it and your vehicle is fully moist. The engine cylinders remain lubricated. Keep it clean for a longer duration too.

Moreover, within such an affordable range you’ll be getting stored fuel to resist evaporation. It keeps the ignition vapors stored too. Don’t let the dirt and varnish formation take over.

What We Liked
  • 100% petroleum product cleans the gunks perfectly as it has mineral spirits.
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Stabilized for 2 years
  • Has stored fuel resists evaporation
What Need Improvement
  • Might not increase your engine mileage performance
  • Packaging is below average

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10. Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

red line 60103

Finally, we’ve reached the end of our list. Ending with another marvelous one! If you’ve gone through our entire list you’ll realize that we’ve chosen the best one so far. This one is from the Redline brand.

Well, what makes it a marvelous one? The design of it is beyond expectations. As the design ensures both cleaning and prevents corrosion in the fuel systems.

Moreover, functions well in cleaning injectors, carburetors, valves, and combustion chambers. Plus, it equalized the concentration of high and low temp detergents.

Not only that, it is capable enough to burn the fuel efficiently with deducting the increase of gunk and varnish accumulation.

Even one bottle for each tank is powerful enough to provide you with 100% efficiency within a single treatment. Besides decreases the necessity of octane.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry if it is unsafe or not. Perfectly safe for daily usage. And works great with oxygenated fuel too.

What We Liked
  • Washes all types of fuel injectors
  • Increases the stability of fuel twice the time
  • Safe for repeated usage
  • Prevents any type of corrosion in the fuel system
What Need Improvement
  • The newer one doesn’t have polyetherimide
  • Cap can be a bit loose

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How To Use Intake Valve Cleaner?

Do you have enough time to give your engine a deep cleaning? You can surely do it by removing the parts of the motor. Buy some tape, drill, gloves, screwdriver, eyewear, nylon brush, toothbrush, paintbrush, towels, etc. Let’s do it.

How to use an intake valve cleaner? Begin with removing the parts, then start to process it, pick the outer carbon gunks, spray on them and rearrange the whole thing. With carbon cleaners, the cleaning you can have is outstanding as it involves repetition.

Guiding you step by step-

Step 01- Remove Parts:

Get your hands on the motor and remove the intake side of it. Take out the spark plugs, piping off the cold side of the turbocharger.

But it’s very important to tape the hole. You can do it with a 3m automotive tape. Simply cover it up with this tape so that it doesn’t create any hassle while cleaning.

Step 02- Processing:

Throttle body, intake manifold, and piping for the intercooler, intake valves are removed completely and kept aside. Now the ports are fully open.

Now keeping other ports closed and keeping one port open, but that one port which is open its valves should be closed too. Take the rocker cover off too.

Step 03- Pick Carbon:

The intake valves that are closed can understand it through camshafts pointing up. Before spraying be very careful that other sections are closed otherwise your cylinder will be hampered.

Clean the worst carbon with a screwdriver by scraping it. Place the carbon in a towel and repeat.

Step 04- Spray:

After the initial clean-up, now it’s time to give a final clean-up. Spray the carbon cleaner on it. Then with the help of a drill spread the material into the whole area.

Now, through the help of tissues let the gunk soak into it, then take it out. Afterward, use a vacuum cleaner and clean it more. You might have to repeat the spray step if there remains any residue.

Step 05- Re-arranging:

Now comes the last but the most crucial part which is rearranging and setting up the whole part again into the engine.

Just rewind the opening process and then after the final setting you should turn your engine on to check if you’ve done it properly or not.

How To Clean Intake Valve Without Removing It?

Don’t have much time on hand? Well, we got you. You can do it simply within 10 minutes or less than that. But doing it needs some prerequisite preparation too. Like gloves, eyewear, screwdrivers, etc.

How to clean the intake valve without removing it? Begin with a bit of preparation, the setting can, distributing the cleaners, balance speed, knockback. That’s it! Now you’re getting cleaned intake valves.

A detailed step by step description underneath is given-

Step 01- Preparation:

Turn on your engine and keep it on for some time. Before putting the engine off, note down the engine’s idle speed.

Identify your vehicle’s throttle body. With the help of a screwdriver unloose the clamp which was holding the intake boot and keep it a bit away. Lastly, get ready with gloves and eyewear.

Step 02- Setting Can:

Now it’s time to make space for the can. Jiggle the can slowly and set the can up to above the throttle body by any hook. Don’t let any other parts align and put the can higher from engine heat.

Towards the throttle plate put back. On protection of aluminum, the guide keeps the hose safe. Then make a tight seal by air intake boot back on the throttle body.

Step 03- Distribute The Cleaners:-

Turn both red and blue switch to *I*. After spraying the cleaning formula will be distributed within 1 minute.

Rev the engine within the 2000 rpm range. Do not exceed more than 3500 rpm. As it might be a little dangerous. More than that, like 3x factory speed, is not required.

Step 04- Balance Speed:

The speed of the engine has to be maintained for 3x factory idle speed.

After 9 minutes of continuous spraying when the can gets emptied you’re almost done cleaning with it.

Step 05- Knockback:

Turn off and see the indicators of “I” turned to “O”. After that, lose the boot so that the hose and throttle body can come out.

Re-connect the intake boot. And you’re done. But give a test drive and it can surely give you the finest performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does carbon cleaning do?

Carbon cleaning’s purpose is to detach sooty carbon sediments from the inward of your vehicle’s engine. Plus, cleaning decreases your noise and increases the durability of the engine.

What is the best engine carbon cleaner?

Look for products that involve features like -effectiveness of the product material, the nozzle for application, amount, increase the performance of the engine or not.

What are signs of carbon buildup in the engine?

Firstly, pay heed to your engine condition. Look for signs like if the acceleration has decreased, or if the engine is misfiring, chilly stalling, lowered fuel efficiency, etc.

Does carbon cleaning clean intake valves?

Yes, it includes cleaning of intake valves too. But in case the sediments are hard to be removed use a limber knife. Finally, wipe it down with any solvent.

How long does a carbon cleaning take?

A carbon cleaning can be done in any workshop. It’ll take around 30-40 minutes to clean the carbon sediments out from the engine.

Wrapping Up

Riders, we’ve reached our final destination. We believe that the information we’ve aligned together is enough to buy the best carbon cleaner for intake valves.

We’ve handpicked the ten best from the market after huge research. Our goal is to keep your valves safe and increase the mileage of your vehicle.

But if you’re still a bit perplexed, look for the pros and cons of the product. By doing it you’ll be able to differentiate all of our products. We hope you’ll not be disappointed by our choice.

You can purchase from us by keeping your eyes closed. Good luck!