Best Diesel Fuel Additive Duramax 2022 – Top Additives!

In freezing cold temperatures if your vehicle is not giving you the requisite execution it gets utterly annoying to drive around!

Keeping your requirements in mind we believe that weather cannot become an obstacle towards your smooth journey, that is why we’ve come up with the best diesel fuel additive duramax.

You’ll receive the chance to stop your diesel from getting transferred into the gelling format. Along with that, you can receive lubrication with fewer diesel emissions and numerous added benefits with the additives.

best diesel fuel additive duramax

However, if you own a truck it’s quite mandatory to look over the performance rate it is showing in terms of fuel and according to that you can adjust and add additives for your engine efficiency.

To assist you we’ve customized the list of top diesel fuel additives for duramax. Moreover, to make things handy, we’ve discussed the usage process too. Now let’s slide in-


What Do People Like About Diesel Fuel Additives?

While you’re roaming around to find the best additive but confused about what more this additive can do to your vehicle. Well, this section can give you an overall sum up of it-

  • Lubricity: Vehicles often get friction and wear in the engine which deteriorates the health of the engine. To keep that smooth and friction-free additive can be an excellent option as it adds lubrication.
  • Anti-gel: Just because a particular area has very less temperature doesn’t mean that you cannot drive your vehicle there. Additives for diesel engines have anti-gel to give you an improved driving experience.
  • Increased cetane: Additives add cetane to your vehicle. Thus the ignition quality of fuel gets quite increased due to it and again helps your vehicle to gain high voltage.
  • Unspotted fuel injectors: When every day you clean your fuel injectors with additives it gets cleaned. Even though the unnecessary gunks deposited get cleaned and restrict new ones to formulate.
  • Escalate overall performance: Additives are the extra nutrition your vehicle is demanding. Regularly updating and usages can bring you enhanced performance and develop the gas mileage too.

1. STA-BIL Diesel All Season Anti Gel Diesel Additives

sta bil diesel all season anti gel

Imagine having a diesel fuel that will be the best all-year-round diesel fuel additive. Trust us we aren’t exaggerating – STA-BIL Diesel All-Season – Anti-Gel – Cetane Boost came with an all-season enhanced formula.

Well, the unique formula has been used to safeguard diesel engines in the most extreme situations. Plus, the additive is really for you, if you’re pulling a 20,000lb truck and burning up pairs of wheels.

Other than that with this special feature, the product will clean the engine injector 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ensuring the cleaning of energy deposits.

Moreover with the cetane booster gasoline your vehicle will ignite more sooner, resulting in increased speed and efficiency, that will lead you towards a powerful riding experience.

Even in -40°F you’ll receive an anti-gel diesel fuel additive for your Duramax. Thus, the usage of it in the coldest weather doesn’t refrain you from riding your vehicle.

What We Liked
  • Include water demulsification
  • Lubricates and cleans the system
  • No alcohol
  • All-season formula
What Need Improvement
  • No cap on the product
  • Cetane number is less

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2. Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment

hot shots diesel treatment

At number two we’ve come up with a product from our Hot shot’s secret brand. You’ll see some more products from this brand that have created some outstanding ones to have on your bucket list.

Well, this product has the ability to uplift the cetane to 7 points. You’ll have faster combustion and less emission which will outgrow the engine’s performance.

Moreover, if you want to keep your vehicle corrosion free the added lubrication can be your way to get free from it. Plus, rust will be away and give you more durability.

Other than that, you’ll have clean injectors. With it, the extra acid is being neutralized and moisture spreads around.

Overall, this one is an ideal choice due to its ability to higher up your performance with enlarging power and helps in fuel economy.

What We Liked
  • Clean engine parts
  • Better power
  • Keeps clean injectors
  • Prevents corrosion
What Need Improvement
  • Not an anti-gel
  • Imperceptible changes in mileage

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3. Howes 103060 Diesel Treat Conditioner and Anti Gel

howes 103060

Now, we’ll be discussing a product that is a premium one that emulsifies water after removal from diesel fuel. Even no alcohol in it makes it super safe too.

Quite amazed with our third one already? Well, there are more exciting features which are yet to be exposed about it.

If you are desirable for giving your engine some added engine performance then the lubrication providing capacity to injectors makes it worthwhile.

Even your pumps and upper cylinders will receive lubrication too. That will give your engine extra life with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels.

Lastly, besides being an anti-gel it has a specialized detergent package to keep any deposit away from the fuel injector, that doesn’t let you lose engine power.

What We Liked
  • Prevents gelling
  • Filter friendly
  • Lubrication availability
  • Specialized detergent package
What Need Improvement
  • Bottle manufacturing is poor
  • Color varies

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4. Power Service Diesel Kleen + Centane Boost

power service diesel kleen

Say hello to our fourth one which ensures less lagging to your engine and lets your engine have a smoother running experience.

Well, that’s not the end of it, you’ll have a speedier cold starting with it as it boosts cetane to 6 numbers. In cold weather, you don’t have to wait anymore to get your engine started.

How does it ensure better performance? Dirty and gunk-filled injectors get cleaned with it and don’t let the injector stick into HPCR and older systems.

Plus, if your vehicle is lost power this additive can restore it too and makes your rough running engine journey quite smoother.

Power service diesel Kleen is the kind of product which is manufactured in a way to be used all year round but not particularly an antigel.

What We Liked
  • Cleans injectors
  • Lubricates fuel injection
  • Restores lost power
  • Smooths performance
What Need Improvement
  • Not an antigel
  • Cetane number is lower

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lucas oil fuel treatment

Moving on to reviewing our other hand picked one which has excellency in its features. Let’s learn more-

Beginning with the smog tests, our product is qualified in smog tests and able to neutralize and balance all the dangerous effects caused by low sulfur diesel fuel.

Other than that, this one can be used for both gasoline and diesel engine plus carbureted or fuel injected. You can have two, in one!

Besides, it has a mixture of super slick oils with additives and high detergent action. Thus you’ll have your maximum efficiency in the engine through it.

Plus you’ll receive lubrication and cleaning into the carburetor, which gives your vehicle the boost it deserves. Lucas fuel treatment ensures you no harmful emissions and swaps the goodies of lead in gasoline.

What We Liked
  • Cleans system
  • Neutralizes low sulfur fuel
  • Gears the power-up
  • Durability increases
What Need Improvement
  • No instructions
  • More usage can damage

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6. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti Gel

hot shots diesel winter anti gel

Presenting our sixth one of the list- Hot shot’s secret diesel winter anti-gel. If you’re looking for winter-protected diesel and deduct freeze-ups in fuel lines, this can be your ideal match-up.

But what brings it to the underlying factor? This diesel has additive presents which do not let it get freeze-ups. Even during cold temperatures, it ensures better performance.

Thus, if you are afraid of cold start speed then this can be your shield. Moreover, the wax present in fuel keeps the lines from getting clogged.

Other than that, this diesel has anti-gel which gives it the power to be used in all diesel engines. Plus, it is able to increase cetane up to 7 points so that you can have the swiftest running engine with less noise.

Last but not the least factor which makes this diesel more extended life for your vehicle is its adding power of lubricity into your engine. For it, you’ll have less scarring among the metal parts.

What We Liked
  • Winter protected one
  • Reduces freeze-ups
  • Better performance
  • Increase cetane of 7 points
What Need Improvement
  • Gets gel if not mixed
  • Sulfur content doesn’t cross 15 ppm

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7. Opti-Lube XPD All Seasons Diesel Fuel Additive

opti lube xpd diesel fuel additive

Seventhly, we’ve opted-lube XPD all seasons diesel fuel on our list. So why have we given this product a place in our top ten? Well, this one ensures optimal lubrication for you.

How is that done? The lubricity capacity accelerates higher due to the fuel additives which have ultra-low sulfur diesel to keep your engine operating at its best level.

Apart from this, if you’re an owner of a truck and frustrated with not having a better fuel mileage then this one can surely back you up due to its improving fuel economy properties. Gives you more bang for your buck.

On the other hand, with the option-lube XPD formula, you can remain carefree as it keeps any kind of build-up far away from injectors. Automatically, the deposits and emissions will deduct with it.

In the end, if vehicles escalate up by it, all go into vain. But with it, in any weather, it will ensure better performance all year round. Plus, the anti-gel keeps fuel consistency ongoing at -10F* too.

What We Liked
  • Extra storage life
  • Better fuel mileage
  • Cleans injectors
  • Keeps rust corrosion away
What Need Improvement
  • Regular maintenance
  • Pricier compared to others

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8. Hot Shot’s Winter Rescue Emergency De-icer Secret Diesel

hot shots de icer secret diesel

Next up we’ve come up with another one from the same brand Hot shot’s secret but this one is a bit different from the previous one. Let’s see what it has to provide you.

Beginning with the brand has much to offer with this one keeps your fuel economy better which ensures better mileage. Plus, the lubricity additive keeps your vehicle’s smoothness.

Other than that, with this on the moisture becomes spread and keeps the ice defrosted into your frozen fuel filters. Even in the icy cold, you’re good to go.

Do not worry if you have a biodiesel blend one this one is constructive to every kind of diesel engine and fuel. Even if you have marine, semis, etc it goes for all of it.

And to make things even better, it can be termed as a de-gels fuel for strainer, tank, dash, and pump. Keep reinstating the fuel flow into your diesel engine.

What We Liked
  • Reinstating fuel flow
  • Lubricity
  • Spreads moisture
  • Defrosts ice
What Need Improvement
  • Cetane unavailable
  • No wax present

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9. Liqui Moly 20208 Pro-Line Diesel Intake System Cleaner

liqui 20208

Well, we’re quite at the endpoint of the list. By now, you’ve discovered many outstanding products prevailing. Among them, the Liqui moly brand is also there to beat the others.

How can it beat the others? Well, the good action for cleaning the all-over intake system makes it one of the best ones. Definitely, after the smoothest cleaning, you’ll have better performance!

On the other hand, the Liqui moly 20208 proline has a functional performance capacity of moving segments. Thus it ensures a less amount of fuel utilization.

Besides, being high-quality construction it is durable too. You can go a long run with this one.

Most importantly, it is composed of a particular active solvent that pulls out any kind of deposition in the diesel intake and throttle valve.

What We Liked
  • Strong action of cleaning
  • Keeps deposition away
  • Increases durability
  • Less fuel usage
What Need Improvement
  • Not an anti-gel
  • Not suitable for all-weather

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10. Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement and Cetane Boost

power service diesel fuel

If you want dynamic energy to boost up your ignition status of the fuel then what can be better than having a higher cetane one? Then power service diesel in our list can be the one.

Starting off, this is known for its being a winterizer product. Thus even in shivering cold, this one will restrict the fuel filters from a spigot in ice and wax.

Moreover, being an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel it deducts the harmful pollutants into your fuel.

When temperature deducts it puts a termination into the fuel from drifting into the engine. Meanwhile, it keeps your vehicle prepared for the winter operation.

Last but not least the fuel treatments work ideal for gliding the lubrication and restricts any kind of corrosion which also advantages the all-over fuel system.

What We Liked
  • Cetane booster
  • Lubrication development
  • Has ULSD
  • Prepared one for winter
What Need Improvement
  • Needs small funnel
  • Every filling needs to be used

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How To Use Diesel Fuel Additive?

Adding diesel fuel additives to your vehicle can reduce the noise of your engine. Moreover, the injectors of fuel can get cleaned which increases the overall performance.

How to use diesel fuel additives? You have to purchase a funnel after that check your diesel level and lastly, pour the additive to have noticeable changes.

Let’s know it throughout few steps-

Step 1- Purchase A Funnel:

After choosing the desirable diesel fuel additive you have to look if it comes with an extra tube.

If there is no tube then buying a big size funnel can do the work.

Step 2- Check Your Diesel:

Before pouring the diesel you’ll have to check how much diesel is already there.

If you’ve less than half then pour the full bottle.

Otherwise, if you’ve more than full then pour the half bottle. Checking the quantity will help you to keep a track.

Step 3- Pour The Additive:

Before pouring make sure you’ve opened the plastic wrap completely. If you’re intended to pour it through a tube then it’s easier.

Other than that, just set the funnel after opening the fuel tank. All pour the additive as much as you’ve decided to pour in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a diesel fuel additive do?

A diesel fuel additive is a powerful element to keep your carburetor, injector, and even your intake valves clean by restricting water from the fuel system.

Do fuel additives work?

Fuel additives need a certain time to show you notice changes in your fuel economy. Fuel additives keep guns out and maintenance-free.

When should you use diesel fuel additives?

Diesel fuel additives are best when the temperature drops around 32 F or less than that. When the temperature is less, an additive gel keeps your diesel ongoing and balanced.

Can you mix premium diesel with normal diesel?

Well, mixing two types of diesel is just fine as it doesn’t reduce the properties in it. Neither can it be destructive for your vehicle.

How long does fuel additive last?

An additive lasts for around two years of lifespan. In between this duration feels fresh and effective and gives your vehicle the extra calories it needs.

Wrapping Up

Tying up with the best diesel fuel additive duramax. Till now if you’re with us you’ve finally realized how beneficial additives are for your fuel tank.

Each product is selected after doing a moderate amount of research and being selected in a thought that it’ll gear up your duramax overall performance.

We’re hopeful that the article has given you an overall sum up so that you can have a fruitful choice. Minimization will help to choose within a short duration. With it, our motive to serve you will be accomplished.

Have a good day!