Best Electronic Boost Controller 2022 – Top Boost Controllers!

Using an electronic boost controller which doesn’t have higher psi or sensors and many other additional features can leave your vehicle behind than others.

But for obvious reasons, finding the best electronic boost controller isn’t an easy way to go.

Why so? Unless you have a precise idea about what important specs your electronic boost controller should have you might pick the wrong one. However, things are different when we’re here.

best electronic boost controller

Our specialist team has worked and assembled the required piece of qualities a product should have. And after undergoing all the information we’ve finally represented our 10 best ones in front of you.

Put your hand on any of them and you’ll be able to have a perfect device to control the boost level and monitor everything in high quality.

Sounds interesting? Well, let’s check it out if it’s worthwhile or not-


What Do People Like About Electronic Boost Controller?

Electronic boost control gives you the power to have full control of your vehicle and many other advantageous features it comprises. Let’s check that out-

  • Dexterity in controlling: Electronic boost controller allows you the ease of either increasing or decreasing the boost, unlike the manual controller. You can do it while sitting in your car with relaxation.
  • Wastegate close: Having an electronic boost controller keeps the wastegate closed. That is why it can give speedy spool-up time.
  • Not variable: Electronic boost controller does not vary in terms of weather conditions. It’ll give you a moderate boosting level that your engine management can bear.
  • Manage RPM level: RPM is used to measure at what speed a machine is operating. To control it and boost according to engine-level can be done through an electronic boost controller.
  • Increases power: Boost controllers are able to successfully increase the gear of boost at full throttle. Thus, the all-over power gaining of the engine increases too.

1. Innovate Motorsports 3882 SCG-1 Solenoid Boost Controller

innovate motorsports 3882 scg 1

Are you looking for the best electronic boost controller that comes with programmable boost cut safety? Then Innovate Motorsports (3882 SC) would be the best choice for you.

Let’s begin with very first feature of this product-using pressure references and air or fuel it ensures boost cut safety for the

user. Moreover, direct digital wideband air-fuel proportion engine is the best independent boost controller.

Along with that, user-friendly performance meets the expectation of the user. For the convenience of setup and usage, the complete system was placed in a small gauge box with user-programmable shifting lights and an OLED configurable display.

The SCG-1 offers a fully configurable analog signal that is suited for use with independent ECUs, pony ECUs, or additional data recorders.

Furthermore, to use an additional modular tuning system it’s featured with input and output service.

Well, in comparison to most rivals’ products, which depend exclusively on overpressure threshold, this increases the safety factor. Other than that, solenoid switching frequency programmed with independent gain full control.

What We Liked
  • OLED configurable display
  • No PC required
  • Solenoid duty cycle
  • Ensure boost cut safety
What Need Improvement
  • The display isn’t sharp enough
  • Boost doesn’t hit hard

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2. AEM 30-4110 UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

aem 30 4110

Moving on with another best bet product of the checklist -AEM (30-4110) UEGO that came with a precise LED display, along with a sweep LED ‘pointer’ which changes colors when AFR changes from lush to leaner.

Let’s begin with the highly demandable digital gauge feature of the product. For different color combinations and a bespoke appearance, the gauge includes black and silvery lenses and black and white wall mounts.

Other than that, AEM provides a 0-5V analog signal that can be used with event recorders and virtually any motor system management. Plus, the Bosch UEGO detector is responsible for the operator’s accuracy and speed.

Besides this, when used with AEM’s wideband UEGO AFR Gauge, the 4.9 LSU detector has the same fueling incompatibility as the 4.2 LSU and hardly ever needs free-air adjustment.

The backside of the AEM UEGO gauge is connected by two connectors. The UEGO controller is attached to the lengthier collar of the connector. Other than that, four leads are included in the shorter collar.

  • Easy to install
  • Interchangeable bezels included
  • No free-air sensor required
  • Mounted virtually anywhere
  • Bright OLED display
  • Not sufficient instruction

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3. Turbosmart e-Boost 40 PSI STREET Boost Controller

turbosmart e boost controller

If you’re searching for the perfect electronic boost controller, look no further. Turbosmart TS-0302-1002 e-Boost 40 PSI street boost controller aims to give better performance in the street.

Firstly, the product is excellent and worth the money. as in the product they have included vacuumed fixtures, vacuumed hose, and installing equipment, a wire loop, and a base plate with boost controller.

Additionally, the controller, just like the name suggests, is a kind that concentrates on tramway race. Moreover, its boost controls feature is enhanced in a way that is unrivaled in the industry.

To manage the infusion of nitrogen, water, and methyl, the e-Boost is configured to enhance in reaction to different ratios, as well as RPM and Time, these make it the most powerful electrical boost controller.

Other than that, the cutting and dropping-off function of the E-Boost 40 prevents boost rates from climbing above the maximum level, and it can be configured to overlay gears, so each level has its boost rates.

What We Liked
  • Two boost setting
  • Boost street-control unit
  • Gauge appearance
  • Include dropping-off function
What Need Improvement
  • Complicate to install
  • Not waterproof

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4. MOTOR METER RACING 52mm EBC Electronic Boost Controller

motor meter racing 52mm ebc controller

MOTOR METER RACING 52mm EBC Electronic Boost Controller is the fourth-best option of our checklist as “Speed Solenoid Valve” is used to maintain stable boost pressure.

Beginning off with a remarkable feature. The product works with both diverter valve and actuator technology. Simultaneously it shows the boost level and observes the turbo’s operation.

If you are searching for a booster that will not also harm the engine but also protect it? Then, motor meter is the savior because if boosting pressure reaches a preset value, it will be reduced automatically.

Plus, boosting got easier with the dual boosting mode. Hence it indicates that independent A and B boosting settings levels can be entered separately and chosen depending on driving situations.

Other than that, motor meter racing includes a warning feature. For example, if indeed the boost level surpasses the caution level, a beep sound and visual alert will appear on the display.

  • Includes warning feature
  • Dual boosting mode.
  • Engine protector available
  • Show boost pressure
  • A little flair sometimes
  • Instruction is insufficient

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5. Go Fast Bits G-FORCE III Electronic Boost Controller

go fast bits g force iii controller

Your search for 6 boosts presets that can program individually came to an end with the Go Fast Bits G-FORCE III Electronic Boost Controller. Let’s explore more about other features.

Firstly let’s get introduced with the most recent version of GFB’s feature-rich electrical boost controller, which can now track and show the engine’s air or the fuel proportion either in AFR or Lambda.

Maintaining the similarity with the fourth product it also includes an engine protector feature. G-FORCE protects the engine from a compression ignition by dropping boosting to the required level and flashing the display lights to notify you.

Moving forward to the most demandable feature -6 boost presets. While operating, G-FORCE vehicle owners can set, select, and raise-reduce up to six distinct boost levels, moreover it also includes an extra SCr preset.

Lastly, this tiny and sleek device is complemented by a 6-color variation, allowing the operator to select complementing colors that suit the EBC pushbutton to the interior of the car.

What We Liked
  • Include 6-boosts presets
  • Programmable individually
  • Include over boost warning
  • Can use comfortably
What Need Improvement
  • PCM doesn’t work
  • Integrated with no wideband

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6. Auto Meter 4379 Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Kit

auto meter 4379

We will be reviewing another compatible one in the market which is none other than- Auto meter 4379 ultra-lite. But what makes it such?

Beginning with what astounding elements it comprises such as you’ll have a 0-4v data output feed for ECU. Plus, there is a data acquisition unit that can be termed laptop tuning.

To be in the standout spec the foremost quality that has brought it up on the top ten list is having a digital segment display. Along with it, the LED radial bar graph display gives a better view.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility as it’s compatible with 12 and 16 volts. Be it either a streetcar or any car which is run by an electrical system.

Nowadays, having an electric car is common, and if the electronic boost controller comes with sensors, mounting hardware, AFR resolution Bosch LSU4 and whatnot! The added benefits will gear your vehicle twice.

What We Liked
  • Custom tuned
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Laptop tuning
  • Gasoline-powered engines
What Need Improvement
  • Sensor not up to the mark
  • The countdown is annoying

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7. GReddy 15500214 Electronic Boost Controller

greddy 15500214

Next on the number seven of our list, we have an electronic boost controller from the GReddy manufacturer who has beat numerous market products from its- GReddy(15500214) profec electronic boost controller.

If you want a convenient electronic boost controller you can be confident with it as it has a big OLED display and can be regulated by a simple 2 button or any rotary dial control.

Plus, if your controller cannot be moved to a different angle then it gets annoying. But that is not the case for it has a 180-degree rotation facility with an ultra-slim controller display in digital,bar-graph, and graphical modes.

Sliding downwards, with an electronic controller nobody wants to have a complex installation! That is why it has a straightforward installation procedure that needs separations from engine compartment-mounted.

Additionally, if you’re in search of more stable boost curves then their new combination 300kPa integrated pressure sensor which has a compact solenoid valve and a speedier ECU processor can be ideal for you.

What We Liked
  • 3 different display mode
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Straightforward installing
  • scramble boost presets
What Need Improvement
  • Tuning is hard
  • Not a fully electronic system

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8. AEM Tru-BoostX Gauge Boost Controller

aem tru boostx

Another fine pick of our list is from the AEM electron brand itself which has manufactured one of the finest ones which is why we were bound to put it on our list to grab your attention.

We do understand why such a fine product is listed downwards but lets the quality speak out. You’ll have two in one in this product both boost display gauge and controller.

Moreover, if you don’t have a laptop then it’s fine with it as no laptop will be required for it as it’s super easy to program with.

Other than that, the controller comes with pre-requisite necessary hardware so that you don’t have to purchase it additionally.

Lastly, the most important astounding feature of it, is it has an on-board 8pPSig Map sensor. Thus you’ll need no updated kit for your high boost vehicles.

What We Liked
  • No laptop required
  • Two in one
  • 80PSig Map-sensor
  • No upgrade kit required
What Need Improvement
  • Tuning is unavailable
  • A bit pricier

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9. GFB G FORCE II Electronic Boost Controller

gfb g force ii

If you’ve never heard of this brand, we would be astonished. Because the GFB brand has formulated debating products to compete with other brand products. Their quality talks more than anything.

The product is a great one which is worth the money. Even this product enables hard-core racing besides normal street use.

Starting off with the factor that with this you don’t have to control numerous buttons at a time. Rather with the touch screen and menu button, you can control it effortlessly.

Besides, one cool thing you can have is to choose a variety of screen colors to match your car dash. That’ll give you a better outlook. Plus, you’ll have a MAP sensor in here too.

Furthermore, the new closed-loop boost control strategy makes it more demandable. As it helps to gain a higher possible boost rise rate with the lowest drop off in increasing RPM.

What We Liked
  • MAP sensor
  • Remote switching
  • Multiple buttons are not needed
  • 6 boost presets
What Need Improvement
  • Less psi
  • Display needs to upgrade

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10. Turbosmart E-Boost2 Electronic Boost Controller

turbosmart e boost2

Now, at the bottom of our list, we have an electronic boost controller from the Turbosmart manufacturer whose major aspiration is to improve your car performance.

We had reviewed this product on our list as it had caught our attention through its features. With it, you’ll have 60 psi max boost operating pressure which is higher than other products in comparison.

Moreover, you’ll be able to control, monitor, read the rpm level, etc which makes you more capable to control the vehicle’s performance.

You’ll even be able to control water spray which will keep you safe from wastage of water. Plus, the methanol or nitrous injection enforcement is there too.

However, software manufacturing is quite easy and logical to use. Thus, it gets effortless to control all fields be it either a top-level racing or street vehicle.

What We Liked
  • 6 stage boost controller
  • 0-60 psi range
  • Control water spray
  • Manage warning lights
What Need Improvement
  • Overpriced
  • No gauge

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How to Install an Electronic Boost Controller?

Having an electronic boost controller is an ideal option definitely but it brings complexities during installation. That is why be extra active while installing it.

How to install an electronic boost controller? You can begin with preparing a bracket, take off the wastegates, right after taking it off, run it to boost source and put that back and finally wire it to connect with the electronic boost controller.

Let’s slide on the steps to understand more-

Step 1- Prepare a bracket:

Before installation of the boost controller, we need to prepare a bracket so that it doesn’t sag over in the end.

For it, you can take some aluminum and shape it by cutting and bending, and making a sturdy one to secure the engine. Through this, your boost controller will not sag.

Step 2- Take off the wastegate:

Take the bracket and you can paint it and mount the solenoid onto it. Take off the wastegates and replace the springs.

To gain booth pressure you can throw on some pound springs onto the wastegates and replace the springs.

Step 3- Run it to boost source:

When the cylinder is all connected it is utmostly needed to plumb up for which running it to a boost source is important.

Take the compressor housing and drill off over through this and insert the connector through which it can gain source.

Step 4- Put it back:

After taking it off and drilling two ports and connecting it now it’s time to place the finished product back.

For which you need to re-do the previous steps and continue to set the hose and everything perfectly.

Step 5- Wiring to connect:

When everything is set now by using the same two wires which are already wired up to the ECU for the stock wastegate solenoid.

Physically wire it and connect to the connector and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an electronic boost controller do?

An electronic boost controller gives you the mobility to regulate the boost level which is produced in a turbocharged engine. Also, it lets your vehicle gain power from the turbo too.

Is an electronic boost controller safe?

Electronic boost controllers are the safest. But some precautions should be taken such as not exceeding the boost over 0.8 bar. Other than that it’s fine to use it.

Which is better: manual or boost controller?

Manual or electronic boost controllers have their significance. If your budget is fewer, manuals can be your option. But if you want your vehicle’s performance gear up then having an electronic one will be the right option.

Does an electronic boost controller increase power?

An electronic boost controller gives you the ability to control it after reading the required RPM and others can increase the power gain from the turbo too.

Is an electronic boost controller worth it?

If budget is not your issue then it is worth it. Rather we’ll say that having an electronic boost controller on your budget list is a must due to its finest properties.

Wrapping Up

That’s it, we’ll be wrapping it up for now. In the entire article, we’ve demonstrated the best one which we’ve selected after much care. We’re hopeful that it has made things easier for you.

Surprisingly, now besides knowing the details of the boost controller you’ll have a glance at the product’s pros and cons too.

We believe that it will definitely help you to choose within a short duration. With it, our purpose to serve you will be fulfilled too.

Have a good day!