Best SBC Cast Iron Heads 2023 – Grab The Trendy Heads!

While driving, if you’re constantly worried about your combustion chamber getting burned through fuel or air, probably it’s high time to put your hands on the best sbc cast iron heads.

If you want to ride a carefree and smoother ride, enclosing the combustion chamber with the best cylinder head can be your ideal way to do so.

Over time performance deteriorates if the vehicle gets old which impacts the performance. But the performance of your vehicle rather than deteriorating will surely escalate if you purchase a better cylinder head.

best sbc cast iron heads

Keeping your problems on top we’ve prepared a list of ten products which not only are the best as a cylinder head but also are the competitive ones you can find in the market.

We should not wait anymore! Let’s have a glance at the greeted cylinder heads in store-


What Do People Like About SBC Cast Iron Heads?

 A cylinder head changes the complete engine performance of your vehicle. It can enhance the efficiency of your engine and many other benefits it adds. Let’s learn it.

  • Better driveability: SBC cast iron heads to enable your vehicle less error. Rather it makes sure that the engine efficiency is higher in comparison to any other medium which results in better driveability.
  • Safeguard: SBC head is positioned in the top region of an engine which keeps the engine combustion chamber covered. It acts as a safeguard to the entire engine as in here the fusion of air and fuel is burned.
  • Deducts friction: SBC iron heads frequently deliver lubrication along with keeping the power moderate through being withstood to the movable parts which is why friction occurs less.
  • Refrains from engine failure: The engine is being protected from wrecking by the cylinder head. The cylinder head makes sure that it doesn’t lead to any leakage, misfiring, or excess heat which might cause engine failure.
  • Greater power: SBC iron head not only acts as a safeguard but also enhances the intake velocity which comes along with it. The better airflow from it escalated towards greater power achievement.

1. Mophorn 4Runner Speed Complete Cylinder Head

Mophorn 4Runner Speed Complete Cylinder Head

It’s time to unveil the number one cylinder head available in the market. Drum rolls! It’s none other than Mophorn’s complete cylinder head. Well, what makes this product so great?

Well, the features definitely! Let’s start off with the material which is at a time sturdy and durable. The reason is aluminum material which undergoes high pressure, overheating keeping zero cracks behind.

Due to being a cylinder head of aluminum material the lifespan is longer and rigid too. Plus, the greater strength with rigid cylinder head assembly for the improved casting skills gives an exact matching to the cylinder.

Moving on, the structure of the cylinder head engine has a compact one and traps the gas into the cylinder. Through the closed chamber, combustion reaction is being catalyzed and overall you get worthier performance.

Other features include how much the product is assembled and enables you a better engine efficiency. Particularly focuses on engine performance and reduction of engine misfiring or getting overheated.

What We Liked
  • Aluminum material
  • Longer lifespan
  • Exactly matched
  • Enhanced engine efficiency
What Need Improvement
  • Needs to be very delicate while using
  • Use different cam cap bolts

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2. CIFIC CI1001L G54B Cylinder Head

cific ci1001l

At number 2 we have another CIFIC CI1001L Mitsubishi Chrysler dodge G54B complete cylinder head. Even under huge engine pressure, this cylinder head will keep your engine head protected.

The product comes with a package fully prepared for you which is why it’s super easy to install and ready to go whenever you want without any modification. But you might have to adjust the valves just.

Moreover, the cylinder head is factory tested which means that you don’t have to worry about the safety of the product. No jet valves to deal with which makes it handy too.

Overall, with this, you’ll get this 100% brand new aftermarket replacement part with no core charge. Plus, it’s a super affordable product with such amazing features.

What We Liked
  • No jet valves
  • Ready to install
  • Affordable
  • No core charge
What Need Improvement
  • Might needs inspection
  • Might need cleaning

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3. JEGS Small Block Chevy Vortec Cast Iron Cylinder Head

jegs cast iron cylinder head

Moving on with our number three which is from Jegs brand – JEGS Small Block Chevy Vortec Cast Iron Cylinder Head which is a perfect fit for 1955- present GM small blocks.

Starting off with the 64cc combustion chamber which does a speedy burn that makes sure the heat loss is lesser where the thermal efficiency is greater and decreases the fuel consumption too.

Moreover, the high-velocity intake and exhaust ports come along with the product. Due to this, smoother airflow is being noticed which is directly proportional to the engine making greater power.

Plus, right after taking it out from the box, you can use it. You’ll have a 1.94″ intake with a 1.5″ exhaust valve with it.

Lastly, while installing you might have to purchase a Vortec-style intake manifold. So that the installation process is completed fully.

What We Liked
  • High-velocity intake
  • ⅜ “rocker arm studs
  • 64 cc combustion chamber
  • Straight spark plug design
What Need Improvement
  • Need to buy a Vortec-style intake manifold
  • Not for LT4, LS1 style engine

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4. World 043600-1 SBC Cast Iron Cylinder Head

World Products 043600

World products have been encircled for some time now. The products from it are quite popular as the standard and quality of each one is outstanding. That’s why we’re reviewing one from it.

Well, what do we have in the world products 043600-1 small block chevy S/R cast iron cylinder head?

Well, it has a 76cc combustion chamber which gives a confined space for your air and fuel mixture to be combusted. Basically, it withstands the high temperature of combustion and takes care of the engine.

Other than that, the product has 1.940” Int/1.500” Exh Valves too. For greater fuel or air charge the higher lift for a longer period of time is ensured with the 500” max of hydraulic flat tappet cam.

Lastly, the cylinder head is assembled with a 1.250” single spring. The material is a high-density cast iron thus it adds additional strength and the lifespan of the product is comparatively higher.

What We Liked
  • Iron material
  • Durability is greater
  • 76 cc combustion chamber
  • 1.250” single spring
What Need Improvement
  • No CNC combustion chamber
  • No rocker arms included

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5. JJ GM 4.8L 5.3L Cylinder Head

jj gm cast iron head

We’re already at the mid-point of our reviewing which is none other than GM remanufactured 4.8L 5.3L cylinder head from JJ original equipment.

Let’s begin with the product which holds perfect compression as the valve job is executed at every angle. A better compression will ensure absolute burn of fuel which leads to greater mileage too.

As the product is remanufacturing one doesn’t get perplexed with its quality as it is being ensured that the necessary parts of it are cleaned and inspected properly.

However, you’ll receive a polycrystalline diamond with it which makes sure that you get a super smoother finish due to its extreme hardness and wearing resistance and the thermal conductivity of the diamond.

Plus, aluminum as a material of heads speaks more about the quality of the product. Due to being the aluminum material, it’s way more resistant to any kind of rusting which escalates the durability by twice.

What We Liked
  • Valve job done
  • Combustion Chamber Volume: 61.15cc
  • Rocker arms included
  • Perfect compression
What Need Improvement
  • Disassembled heads
  • Install new valve set

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6. PCE Speedmaster PCE435.1071 Fits Cylinder Head

pce speedmaster head

Some products which pop out in the market, do not necessarily comprise zillions of atypical features but they’re completely outstanding towards what they claim. The same goes for our PCE by Speedmaster PCE435.1071 Fits Chevy BBC.

First thing first, the PCE brand has an intake material of aluminum. Aluminum material keeps the intake away from any corrosion. Plus, the intake basic operating RPM range is 3,000 to 7,500.

If you want more peak horsepower on the top end then definitely you can go for our single-plane intake. Even the single-plane will ensure that you get more equal air/fuel charge spreading at high rpm to the cylinders

Moreover, the durability of the product is higher than others comparatively due to the material it has. As the aluminum material makes sure that the cylinder head remains free from decaying or any rust to occur.

Lastly, the 435 cylinder head combo is affordable and a time saver too. As the PCE has a kit that brings the parts together yet it’s much more affordable than purchasing other parts separately.

What We Liked
  • Head material aluminum
  • Carbureted fuel delivery system
  • Single plane
  • Affordable
What Need Improvement
  • No camshaft
  • Lifters unavailable

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7. Dart IMCA Hobby Stock Cast Iron SBC Head

dart imca head

By now, you’ve understood our choice and believed that we definitely showcase a better quality one, and believe us or not Speedway motors are another one you should look for once.

Beginning with the high velocity it delivers 165cc/65cc intake/exhaust runners which leads to a strong and mid-range of torque. The extra boost-up or power for making your vehicle get going comes from it.

You’ll have a collective version that adds 1.94”/1.50” standard length stainless steel valves. The maximal power output comes from the performance valve springs.

Plus, the cylinder head has two versions one is SM and another SC. SM has advanced comp cams valve springs with airy ferret tool steel retainers,

On the other hand, the SC version has the same as SM but an added benefit with it is a 080″ milled deck w/ corrected intake for max compression.

What We Liked
  • High velocity
  • Strong torque
  • ⅜” screw-in-studs
  • SM/SC version
What Need Improvement
  • A bit pricier
  • Logo-engraved

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8. Straight SBC Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

straight aluminum bare head

Don’t get perplexed over the numbering of our product review. Our eighth one has some outstanding features too which is why it deserves to be on our reviewing list. So, what special does it have?

To improve your performance quality it has a moderate level of the combustion chamber which is 68cc with the 200cc intake runner in this head.

Speaking of the bronze valve guides which give higher tolerances and seal quite quicker than others. Most importantly, it deducts the friction of the valve stem to guide.

On the other hand, as the product focuses on enhancing the overall performance it’s also done through the advanced port design which makes sure that the airflow is greater.

Plus, the intake valve diameter is 2.020”. And as the cylinder head is made up of aluminum so it’s much lighter than the iron heads and the spark plug angle of it is straight.

What We Liked
  • High-grade aluminum
  • Bronze valve
  • Hardened seats
  • Greater airflow
What Need Improvement
  • Pushrods were not correctly machined
  • Doesn’t have 400 steam holes

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9. SBC Chevy Camel Double Hump 461 Cylinder Head

sbc camel double hump 461 head

We’re already at the end of our reviewing and our ninth one is a Chevy SBC assembled aluminum camel double hump 461 cylinder head which has a 180 cc intake runner.

Speaking of the premium quality it has, which is none other than aluminum which is lighter and less prone to any corrosion which directly impacts the durability and power output of the engine.

The cylinder head has a 62 cc exhaust runner which affects the overall power and acceleration of the engine.

Moreover, as the product comes in a completely assembled way it requires no other elements like bolt holes just like the primordial heads. Manganese bronze valves of it deduct friction.

Next up, the design for 4” bore 1962-86 small block engines have focused on making the performance better through the advanced port. Plus, the 3- angle machined valve job ensures better flow towards low-mid lifts.

What We Liked
  • Aluminum heads
  • Lighter
  • Great durability
  • 1.560″ max spring pocket diameter
What Need Improvement
  • Accessory bolt holes not present
  • Pricier

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10. DNA Motoring LEPOW-038 Aluminum Bare SBC Head

dna motoring lepow 038 head

Last but not least we have- “ DNA motoring LEPOW-038” on our list. Now, you must be wondering if this product is the end of the tank. But no! Some key features of it distinguish it from others.

Moving on, let’s begin with the product which focuses on your engine’s efficiency by enhancing the engine’s output through the advanced exhaust valve diameter-1.600″ and intake port volume- 200cc.

Next up, it also impacts your engine by ensuring an upgraded port design so that the airflow remains greater. You’ll receive each head weighs approximately 10.33kg lighter than any other head.

Lastly, the 3-angle valve seat which prevents reversions. And the spark plug angle of it is a bit angled so it minimizes the space between the two.

What We Liked
  • Bronze valve guides
  • Greater airflow
  • 200cc intake runner
  • 68 cc combustion chamber
What Need Improvement
  • No steam holes
  • Drilling required

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How To Install Heads On A Chevy?

Like the way choosing a better sbc cast iron head matters, in the same way installing it properly also matters. As if the right bolts are not placed properly it’ll not give better functionality.

How to install heads on a chevy? Begin with pressing new dowel pins, bring out the head gasket and set it, right after that set the cylinder heads and secure them by tightening the bolts, and lastly torque the bolts.

Looking for details? Here you go step by step installation process-

Step 1- Press New Dowel Pins:

In the engine block take the new dowel pins and press them. You can see that on both sides there will be two pins then align the head into the block.

Make sure that it is perfectly pressed otherwise give a little bit of pressure with a hammer or hand.

Step 2- Set Head Gasket:

After the dowel pin now it’s time for the head gasket to be set on the engine block. Set it nicely and uniformly according to the appropriate direction.

Right after that clean the surface of the head through any clean cloth or rag.

Step 3- Set the Cylinder Head:

Drum rolls! Now it’s time to finally set the cylinder head onto the top of the head gasket. For it, you have to be careful and aware that it’s aligned and sits exactly on the dowel pins too.

While doing it make sure that your cylinder head doesn’t get any scratch or anything. As it might get it from the hammer or lug wrench.

Step 4- Tighten the Bolts:

Now, this is a crucial stage as the bolts sizes vary a lot. You can look at the direction and set the bolts accordingly.

Lastly, tighten the bolts with the help of a wrencher. And make sure it’s correctly tightened.

Step 5- Torque the Bolts:

The final step is to torque the bolts. For it, you can follow the sequence of torque wrenching.

By the use of a good quality wrench the torque for different kinds of bolts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cylinder heads cast iron?

Yes, it does. Iron cylinder heads weigh more than aluminum ones but in terms of strength and durability, it’s quite higher.

Is cast iron heads good?

Yes, it’s good because the iron heads are able to give long-lasting durability which makes it more desirable than others. Also less chance of breaking as it adds additional strength.

Are Vortec heads to cast iron?

Vortec does cast iron cylinder heads that use modified combustion chambers with greater velocity port technology to make sure that the performance gets improved.

Do cylinder heads increase horsepower?

If the right cylinder head is being selected then it will surely bolt-on power to your engine. But additionally the other throttle response, torque curves should be there to increase a greater horsepower.

How much HP can a 2-bolt main SBC handle?

As 2-bolt main SBC is less prone to cracking which is why it itself can handle around 600 horsepower.

Wrapping Up

Let us firstly appreciate your patience level of yours for staying with us for this long. But sadly we’ll be parting away from here!

The one thing we’re grateful for is the product we’ve nitpicked. If you select any of them you’ll not be deceived rather you’ll appreciate our effort.

We believe that everything is crystal clear. Yet if any confusion lies it would be better to choose in terms of your engine preference.

 Have a nice day!