Best Drag Radials for Street 2023 – Today’s Top Drag Radials!

If you’re someone who wants to grab the opportunity to have both regular street driving and at the same time enjoy the drag strip fun, well having a drag radial can be your ideal option.

To run a high horsepower vehicle within a straight line traction superiority drag radials for the street can be your game changer. Eventually, at high speed, you can’t risk your stability which makes the drag radials more superior.

Moreover, it holds numerous advantages which give you the chance to drive smoothly even in dangerous wet weather. So even in the harshest weather, your tires will be just fine and secured.

best drag radials for street

We know it’s quite time-consuming to look for a drag radial and find the best among zillions. That’s why we’ve rated the best drag radials for street. Yes! You’ve heard us right, we’re definitely not fooling around.

To make things easier for you, we’ve picked out the highly rated one from the market for your better performance. So let’s jump right into the details-


What Do People Like About Drag Radials?

Drag radials give you the maximum durability even while having extreme performance. That’s what you can’t receive with any other kind of tires. Besides this it has some more advantages let’s see it –

  • More stability: Drag radials give you more stability in comparison to other normal tires. Because it has less rolling resistance which makes it quick and faster which doesn’t let you have unsteadiness.
  • Extreme performance: Drag radials give 0-60 mph performance. Thus you can have an extreme performance for about 85-100 MPH without worrying the factor that greater speed can damage your tire.
  • Straight-line: While riding at high speed it gets difficult to balance straight line but with radial, you can go directional as it is manufactured for straight-line acceleration.
  • Better steering: Drag radials are quite easy to manage and even when the tires are used the rider can feel a better steering experience comparatively. As it gives you utmost power to balance.
  • High speed: With drag radials you can go to your higher speeds although having a smoother ride. Estimated 15,000-30,000 miles you’ll enjoy it without any damage.

1. Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Performance Radial Tire

nitto nt05r

Presenting the top-pick for the list, Nitto NT05R drag radial performance radial tire. With a high-speed lastingness, we’ve set it as our foremost priority. Well, other astounding qualities are there. Let’s get an idea about it.

Nitto 450 is your all-year-round kind of tire as it has superb curb appeal which gives you an extra added layer of safety defense for yourselves and the durability of it is high quality too.

If you’re wondering about your tire wet weather performance quality then we’ve our product high-end features of unidirectional tread design which keeps the performance top-notch.

Even the double-V tread amalgamates the lateral slits and tilt groove which is why you’ll have intensified wet traction with hydroplaning resistance.

Turns out, the developed tread compound keeps the balancing quality perfect besides ensuring that the traction doesn’t get hampered in snow or rain.

What We Liked
  • Hard filler is present
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Elevated modulus carcass
  • Superb curb
What Need Improvement
  • Might burnout little
  • The temperature drops tire gets harder

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2. Mickey Thompson ET Street R Racing Radial Tire

mickey thompson et street tire

Moving downward we’ll reveal our runners-up of the list which has some breathtaking features. If you’re looking for tires for street, track, and off-road, surely go for our runners-up.

Eventually, if you’re someone who has been in the market for quite a while then you’ll definitely know that Mickey Thompson’s tire belongs to high-performance tires which are purposely used for off-road racing too.

Speaking off, the resistance capability of the tire is again high. As tubeless radial pro-technology has been used here to ensure your vehicle gets ultimate traction. So, you’ll be able to turn around the corner.

Plus, the tire has minimal tread void which keeps the tire safe at a moderate level. Also, the tire has ultimate dry traction which makes the tire suitable to drive on with it on dry surfaces.

Lastly, adding a special compound which it comprises is the R2 compound. That means with the built-in properties of racing potentiality you can definitely use it for any drag racing or others.

What We Liked
  • R2 compound is present
  • Ultimate traction availability
  • Minimal tread void
  • Varieties of sizes
What Need Improvement
  • Not for use on the dyno
  • price is comparatively more

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3. Toyo PROXES R888R Automotive-Racing Radial Tire

toyo proxes r888r

Now we’ll be showcasing our third one from the list which is none other than the Proxes R888R model which keeps your performance consistent and gives you a smooth ride.

The manufacturer has built it such for DOT competition tires thus you can surely understand the properties it has is to win the race. Gives the fastest lap times while keeping the dry handling greater.

In fact, it has a high grip racing compound which is why you’ll notice that your car vehicle gives you the compatible performance with a developed quality grip and superb cornering.

Other than that, the tire depth is 6.332nds which is considered a good one. Plus, the improved contact patch increases the dry traction properties while giving acceleration or braking.

To make sure that while you are driving your steering response is accurate which is why the manufacturer has come up with a wide center rib that gives you directional steadiness.

What We Liked
  • Good amount of grip
  • Excellent performance experience
  • Load capacity 1653 compounds
  • Directional steadiness
What Need Improvement
  • Not better for track
  • Not faster

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4. Hoosier Racing Drag Tire

hoosier racing drag tire

We’ve come up with a new brand which expertise in drag racing none other than -Hoosier racing tires drag tires 28.0/10.5R15.

But what makes it a drag racing tire? Well, the drag slicks it has to offer you unyielding traction. Thus your vehicle will be able to spin smoothly and move or turn around the car otherwise it would’ve been quite difficult.

Moreover, you’ll have bias ply tires instead of radial ones. For it, even on rough surfaces, you’ll be able to have a smooth riding experience. Plus, they are less pricier too which makes it budget-friendly too.

To give you more control over the vehicle with the fastest turn-in response the tire has a stiff sidewall which will make you feel more flexible on the road.

Surprisingly, it has white letter tires which often many people find cool.Even it stands out more in comparison to the black letter tires. Plus the C07 compound is there too.

What We Liked
  • Drag slick tire
  • Bias-ply tire
  • C07 compound availability
  • Stiff sidewall gives more control
What Need Improvement
  • Doesn’t hold well on wet roads
  • White letters can be annoying for some

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5. Toyo Tires PROXES R888R Automotive Racing Radial Tire

toyo tires proxes r888r

Finally, we’ve reached our half number product in the list which is again from your known brand Toyo tires with another model number. Though many features are quite the same, some unique features are there too.

Beginning with the racing radial tires it has which is why you’ll have less fuel consumption and even get more traction with a smoother ride.

If you’re wondering and thinking about a tire that can be suitable for any season then this model from Toyo tires is able to assure you that. As it works great in dry and wet seasons.

You’ll have a water evacuation channel with it which will aid during the wet traction.

Moreover, the high grip racing compounds make it suitable to reach a moderate regulating temperature which keeps the performance quality up to date.

What We Liked
  • Large tread blocks
  • Radial tires
  • Water evacuation channel
  • High grip
What Need Improvement
  • Load capacity is less
  • Less section width

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6. Mickey Thompson P275/60R15 Street Radial Tire

mickey thompson p275 60r15

Surprisingly, we’ve come up with another one from Mickey Thompson due to having bombarded features on their products. Let’s check it out more precisely to unveil those features.

That is why this tire is suitable from a wide low-profile street to any bumpy truculent tread off-road. You can remain fret-free with this installed in your vehicle.

Other than that, it has off-center tread patterns and compounds which keeps the overall vehicle performance unbeatable.

Plus, the tire is for all seasons so you can have it in even cold and wet weather, and still, you’ll be able to have effortless riding.

For better traction, you can purchase it as it’ll give you less fuel usage and side by side makes your vehicle a high performer.

What We Liked
  • Equivalent tread void
  • Hydroplane resistance
  • Dry traction
  • For all season
What Need Improvement
  • Not for highway
  • Grip is lesser

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7. Nitto NT05R 315/35R17 Drag Radial Tire

nitto nt05r 315 35r17 drag radial tire

Here is another gem of our checklist for a jazzed-up Nitto NT05R drag radial tire- 315/35R170R is what you need. But what makes it more desirable than the previous one which we’ve in the list?

Beginning with the two properties which help the tire to have a straight line due to their high modulus bead filler and bigger shoulder blocks.

Even it has an exceptional specific compound that lets you have increased traction at the beginning line. The increased traction gives you the probability to have a smooth turning experience in the corner.

Who doesn’t want their tire to be very precise instability? By keeping that in mind this one has high-speed stability to let you excel in any kind of competition performance.

Lastly, for dry traction, it has a large solid center rib in it. That gives your vehicle the ability to handle load pressure.

What We Liked
  • Specific compound
  • Large rib
  • High-speed stability
  • Bigger shoulder blocks
What Need Improvement
  • Curb absent
  • No added layer of safety

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8. Mickey Thompson 285/35R19 99Y Street Comp Performance Radial Tire

mickey thompson 28535R19 99y radial tire

Till now you’ve already seen some products from the Mickey Thompson brand. Our 8th one is from them too. What’s uniqueness it comprises, let’s find it out.

With the presence of asymmetrical tread design and compound work, it gives excellent grip both in dry and wet weather even if the surface is too rough.

Moving on, the compound on it acts as a heat protector around the tread area so there is more gripping. More gripping gives you the chance to balance your car more affirmably.

Plus, it prevents hydroplaning through scattering water that makes it more summer-friendly and ensures twice the driving safety.

Overall, the tire is quite safe as it has angled lateral grooves, tread block placement, etc which gives the adjacent amount of stability it needs.

What We Liked
  • Heat resistant compound
  • Has controllability
  • Steering responsiveness
  • Ensures security
What Need Improvement
  • Dry traction unavailable
  • No radial pro technology

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9. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Performance Radial Tire

michelin pilot sport 4 s radial tire

At number 9 we have Michelin pilot sport which is known for being ultra-high-performance tires. Thus if you’re a high-speed tire enthusiast you can’t go wrong with this one.

This performance radial tire has special features in it which are acoustic technology. Through this technology, it absorbs the sound into absorbing form and deducts the cabin noise of the vehicle.

Keeping the excess sound away from the mixed reinforcement enables you to have high-speed handling and tearing.

Even the durability of this tire is comparatively more as it is built in such a way. As it has greater speed grasping with less wear which keeps the car going around for a longer time.

Last but not the least, from the street to any sports and exotic cars you can definitely go with this car as it gives the probability of being 1st in wet braking.

What We Liked
  • Ultra-high Performance
  • High-speed tire
  • Suitable for track usage
  • Acoustic technology
What Need Improvement
  • Gripping needs update
  • No heat resisting compound

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10. Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Racing Radial Tire

mickey thompson s s radial tire

Eventually, we have come to the end of one of our lists which had astonishing features up its sleeve. We’re not lying, at least you’ve known it for now.

Our Mickey Thompson ET street S/S racing tire is made up of polyester-ply which gives the tire better dimensional stability for your vehicle.

Other than that, the tire has steel belts that give a firm tread and ensure you have better traction with very minor gliding.

Plus, the tubeless radial construction makes sure that the tire keeps up with enough strength and durability on the street in order to accelerate better.

In conclusion, it has an r2 compound which on the other side gives quick and consistent traction to your tire.

What We Liked
  • Polyester ply
  • Steel belted
  • R2 compound
  • Very sticky
What Need Improvement
  • Not for use in dyno
  • No curb

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How To Launch Drag Radials?

Drag radials are your way to go if you own a streetcar as it gets the chance to ride at high speeds which normal tires can’t. Drag radials are built in a way to let you excel and have smooth driveability.

How to launch drag radials? You can start off with lifting up the car, after that take out the tire and lastly launch your drag radials.

See the process of launching step by step-

Step 1- Lift Up the Car:

Set up your scissor jack underneath your vehicle and with the help of a mechanical scissor mechanism lift the vehicle a bit high.

Lift it up so that you can take the tire out.

Step 2- Take Out the Tire:

That brings us to the second step of ours in launching the drag radials. Through the lug wrench remove the lug nuts of your previous tire.

Through the crossed bars you can have more strength and take out each of the lug nuts.

Step 3- Launch the Drag Radials:

Now take your drag radials which you want to launch, you’ll have some lug nuts with it.

With the help of rotating the lug wrench, tighten up the five lug nuts of your drag radials and you’ll have it installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is radial drag?

Radial drag has a well-built sidewall for cornering and rides which allows it to absorb some floating power. Basically, it’s a power adder.

Are drag radials better than slicks?

Drag radials have mushy race compounds in comparison to the road tire. On the other hand, drag slicks have mostly rubber in the ground plus cannot tackle wet situations thus drag radials are better.

How fast can you go on drag radials?

With drag radials, you can easily get an MPH of 85-100 without even occurring any damage. However, in terms of the US, you can go over B, but that’s when it doesn’t last long.

Why do drag radials have no tread?

Drag radials have no tread to increase the quantity of gripping which is produced by them on the clean and dry walkway by increasing the quantity of surface area.

How long do drag radials last on the street?

Drag radials last on the street for around 15,000-30,000 miles. Even at higher speeds, you can have a smooth ride by it.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! We’re wrapping it up from ourselves after reviewing the best one you can possibly find out in the market. We hope that now you can purchase without thinking twice.

The precise details of each product with its pros and cons will give you the ability to choose wisely.

Even before looking for the products we recommend looking for the advantages a drag radial can ensure you. That is how you’ll be affirmed that which features you should abide by.

We hope that we’ve been able to ease your back pain. Let’s not waste more time! Have a nice day!